Comments from Our Guests

Below are REAL comments from REAL Blue Marble guests.  Yes, all are authentic – we could have made these up only by expending way too much thought and energy.

Updated in June 2013....

We’ve included a sampling of (hopefully heartfelt) “best vacation” comments. 

But, in a departure from recommended marketing techniques, we also put in the more offbeat or edgy comments we receive.  Whether delivered as flattery or as criticism, they reveal things that you might consider blemishes, and we would rather that you have the clearest possible understanding of what we are... and what we aren’t.  Our hope is to give those of you thinking of travelling with us for the first time a better idea of who goes on these trips, what to expect, and whether you should join us or not. 

Of course, as an ensemble, the comments are still positive, even overwhelmingly so.  But this reflects reality.  And we would not be in our third decade as a trip outfitter if it were not so....

General Categories

About the Bikes
I am refitting my Bianchi Volpe just like my trip bike.  Swiss Cycling

The chain was a bit dirty, but it beats dragging your own bike across the ocean, through the subways, etc.  Northern Star

Solid basic bike, not as fast as some, but it does the job.   And it fits me, better than some other fancier bikes I have had to rent.  D. Pezzack, Rivers & Canyons

I didn't know bike seats and waterboarding fell into the same category.  J. Poritz, A Week in Provence

Given my lack of experience, I thought that Clover (my secret name for [the bike] given her green color) was very patient, perfectly amenable and gave me the sore arse I was expecting - thank you Clover - you may have introduced me to a new pastime.   C. Grant, A Week in Provence

Though not pretty, my bike worked like a charm.   Tapestries & Tapas

While I experienced a couple of problems with my bike, that didn't spoil my fun.  A Week in Provence

My first road bike and after a day of getting used to it, it worked great - mechanically in great shape.   Btw, what brand was it?   I need to buy a bike...  J. McBride, Basque Biking

I think it's outrageous to expect us to bring helmets...  I loved your trip and will go again, but travelling with a bike helmet is ridiculous.  You should provide this - I'll even pay for a helmet (not a funky looking one either!).   G. Boatman, Umbria Unravelled

Great bike and the tire kit worked perfectly when I had a flat tire.  R. Reddy, Pinot Noir Burgundy

I’m used to riding a hybrid in the city so went with upright handlebars for the Italian Lakes, but I ended up feeling a bit like Pee Wee Herman careening through the Alps.   The touring bike I rode in the Loire felt much more efficient!  And, of course, now I wish I were riding one at home...  L. Newman, Italian Lakes + Loire Valley Cycle

I loved my bike.  I even took pictures of it.   J. Ho, Giro d'Italia

About the Biking (routes, route sheets, ...)
The route sheets gave accurate descriptions for the most part.  (Salzburg-St. Wolfgang was a bit challenging).   Mozart & the Matterhorn

Exactly what I expected and wanted – beautiful scenery, various route options, some “good workouts” and best of all a huge downhill ride out of the Vosges!  K. Sendorwitz, Adventures in Alsace

I was totally impressed by the routes – how well the lengths / difficulties were timed, as well as the clarity of the route sheet.  TERRIFIC. Burgundy Biking

Appreciate the efforts Blue Marble goes to to keep us off busy roads and steep, busy hills. Bordeaux & the Dordogne

Perfect balance of biking, eating, sleeping, sight-seeing for a bike tour.  The 2 days of non-biking in the trip gave me enough time to see the sights, sleep-in, let my body repair itself...  J. Cesari, Swiss Cycling

The routes were great…the route sheets – not so much.  Because I don’t get frustrated easily, after the first day or two I found the confusing route sheet somewhat humorous… but then again, I’m weird.   L. Moss, Bordeaux & the Dordogne

I don't know if I would have found these places on my own – thanks.   T. Ravazzini, Gorges of the Cévennes

I ride in NYC every day – Europe was PARADISE!  K. Cyrus, Loire Valley and Italian Alps

I thought you did an excellent job of balancing long enough rides to be interesting, but short enough so that we had a chance to see the sights along the way and in the destination!   D. Hurst, Gorges of the Cévennes

This may be the nature of biking through a rural country where you don't know the language, but at times it was too easy to get lost.  Route sheets might have stuff like “there is a 'T' intersection, don't take it” & “if you hit France you missed the turn.”   C. Pollack, Celtic Spain

Stunning – a wonderful variety of little towns, countryside, cities, sites, etc.   Loire Valley

About the Trip Coordinators
Cate will be even better... when she comes out of her shell a little.  Is it true she's running for Mayor of Bologna?   T. Suba, Pure Tuscany

Brek was excellent, you could tell he really cared that we all had a good experience.
K. Schipper, Lavender and Olive

Kevin's enthusiasm was contagious – he was an excellent leader in every way and made it all look easy.  Mozart & the Matterhorn

Jimi rocks!  Very professional but also cool and "hung" with us as a friend.  K. Yee, Burgundy Biking

I appreciated Jimi's tips on biking – how to go up/down hills, shifting, etc.  I just started biking a few months before the trip, so these tips really helped.  He also took a lot of care to make sure the bike fit well.   Pure Tuscany

Tim’s a great guy.  Friendly, knowledgeable, organized – he smoothed out any wrinkles that popped up.  Y. Orlov, N. Burgundy

Sue should get "heroine" status... amazing!  S. Russo, Alpine Lakes + Burgundy Biking

Both Jimi & Kevin did great jobs.  Thought Jimi was outstanding, not only in organization & troubleshooting, but was perfect blend of professionalism & friendliness.   Lavender & Olive Groves

I thought Padraic was a great coordinator.  He made sure everyone was having fun.   Scandinavian Sampler

Cultural and gastronomic knowledge:  super-excellent.  Nicolas was fabulous – his knowledge is never-ending.  Maybe he made stuff up, but we believed him.  He is a walking train schedule.   A. Morra, Celtic Spain

Hope Jimi never gets a real job – would be a real loss for Blue Marble.  He was a take charge & extremely caring person.  Bike maintenance & safety top priorities.  He was a lot of fun & a gentleman....  He never let us get lost.  A forgiving coach with unlimited patience... Jimi was the best bike coordinator we've had in 10 years of biking with different companies.  A Week in Provence

I was very happy with Catherine.  The guide was probably the biggest factor in my overall satisfaction.   D. Phillips, Italian Lakes

Brek was great!  He made the trip a fantastic one!  Went out with us each night without sacrificing any of his responsibilities.  “Truly exceptional” perfectly describes our trip with Brek!  Danish Biking

Bronze {Jimi's} baby shoes.  R. Johns, Loire Valley Cycle

Ethan was excellent & definitely handled our large group with aplomb.  I didn't think he could be matched, but Padraic proved just as capable and fun.  Both are treasures.  Biking Transcontinental

I was extraordinarily happy with Nicolas as a guide.  He's so knowledgeable, friendly, even-tempered, hard-working & fun!  He really seemed to care about us.  K. Craig, Italian Alpine Biking

Sue was the closest thing to superwoman that I'll ever meet on this mortal coil.  M. Sandquist, Belgium + Denmark

Tim was really on top of everything, with a great attitude to boot (even when hung over).  Mr. & Mrs. Pagnozzi, Basque Biking

I don’t see how you can do better than Jimi.  S. Nishimuta, Pure Tuscany

Jeff was excellent and always available, but let you individualize your trip to suit your needs – a very good balance.  His wine knowledge was a big asset – meals were always fun.  J. Minturn, Swiss Cycling

Nicolas was exceptional, except that he kept leaving the route sheets in sordid little bars and we had to go in search of them the next morning.  Just kidding.  [We called him] “The Oracle” based on his vast organizational skills.  He has completely ruined me.  I will never be able to do another bicycle tour unless he leads it.  No other tour guide has the slightest chance of living up to my expectations after experiencing a tour with Nicolas.  I thought Igor was perfection… and then Yorgos… but now I know that perfection is Nicolas.  L. Moss, Bordeaux & the Dordogne

The tour exceeded my expectations.  The tour coordinator FAR exceeded my expectations.  Rivers & Canyons

Brek was outstanding! (according to Brek, “outstanding” is one up on “brilliant”).  He really made the trip come alive... KEEP HIM AT ALL COSTS, even though he is thinking of getting a real job.... Sabatoge him!  Tell them about the the French Handball team.... Loire Valley Cycle

The guides were the best part of the trip (besides the meals).  They greatly exceeded my expectations and were fun to hang out with.  Jimi should be nominated for sainthood.  Lavender & Olive Groves

Nicolas made the trip.  He was more than a Coordinator, more like a Renaissance man with a bike leading his faithful followers on a revolutionary journey across wondrous landscapes, both physically and mentally.  Take that for your quote page.   K. Ford, Italian Lakes

Your Fellow Travellers
I had a great trip.  Honestly better than I expected because the people on our trip were terrific.  I didn't think I'd want to do so many group things (all dinners, met for lunch, etc.).  Loire Valley Cycle

...I've taken so many trips that I always feel like I'm traveling with friends and that's pretty cool.  Tuscany

I look back with fond memories.  Most importantly, I met amazing people, several of which I have already been in contact with and have gotten together....   Biking Transcontinental

It's a great way to see Europe and you seem to attract the kind of people I like to travel with.  Loire Valley Cycle

I'm already planning a reunion trip with some of the people I met on this trip.  Tapestries & Tapas

It was great fun and I met a lot of superb people.  Celtic Spain

Felt like family much of the trip.  Unforgettable.  Southern Cross

About the Food
I find myself yearning for those excellent meals!   M. Steinbach, Swiss Cycling

I didn’t go on this trip to eat well, but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip.  D. Phillips, Italian Lakes

The meals were excellent and so was the wine!  The first dinner we had in Tours was fantastic.  The food was amazing – including the special truffle treat – and the host was attractive and highly amusing.  It surpasses many meals I've enjoyed in NYC.  M. Leheny, Loire Valley

You have a good selection & your policy to reimburse for meals taken elsewhere is great.  Pure Tuscany

The French eat weird; no TV, no potato chips, no Hostess twinkies for dessert, it took some getting used to, but when in France....   Tour de France

Tough being a vegetarian surrounded by goose fat (no one's fault).  LOVED the local cheeses and breads and wine, of course – I'm a picnic person.  Everyone was very accommodating of my food requests.  L. Altman, Bordeaux & the Dordogne & the Cévennes

Even though I was a vegetarian and warned that it may be difficult to have variety – I found that dining was more exciting and easier than often in the U.S. – NO PROBLEM!  Mozart & the Matterhorn

After a week in the Dordogne I have a newfound love for duck.  You should forewarn people that when ordering frog's legs they look just like the ones you get in biology class.  C. Damm, Bordeaux & the Dordogne

I didn't expect meals to be important to the quality of the trip, but it turned out to be a highlight....  In general however, food isn't that important to me.  It was hard to adjust to eating so late.  I felt like 8 was bearable but later than that was hard.  Roman Roads of France & Italy

I didn't have high expectations for food in Denmark, but just about every meal exceeded my expectations.   And you don't mind indulging in cheese plates or desserts when you've spent the day exercising!   K. Sendorwitz, Danish Biking

I can't think of any meals I didn't enjoy – the best was in Reims, a bistro Kevin heard about.  I kissed the chef's feet and cried.  C. Hehn, Tour de France

The meals are very important to me.  The chefs dinner in Aarhus was the culinary high point for me.   As a vegetarian, the first two lunches at hot dog stands were pretty grim (the rain didn't help) but the lunches later at fish stands (in the sun) were great.   I very much appreciate how conscious you are of the vegetarians.   P. Abernathy, Danish Biking

I liked that we were pretty free to order what we wanted off the menus and not obligated to get a set dinner with only a few choices.  Italian Lakes

All the fish was outstanding; great fresh squeezed oj too.  But for a seafaring people, their pastry chefs despise moisture.  C. Fitzgerald, Portuguese Explorer

I have never and will never eat as much or as high quality food.  H. Thomas, Mozart & the Matterhorn

Group dinners were the highlight of the trip.  For the food, of course, but also relaxed conversation with the other bikers.  I liked that you could opt out – therefore I always chose to go w/ the group.  A Week in Provence

Group dinners covered by Blue Marble were a chance to try new food at good restaurants.  Ambience, which is part of the price, matters too and we always had the right ambience at our restaurants for conversation so that we could better get to know each other.  Pinot Noir Burgundy

Overall, the wine was especially great!  I think the meals are definitely important – it’s a great insight into the culture and its nice to eat/drink as the locals do.  Even if its something more adventurous than I’d typically choose!  I think we had a good range of lunch/dinner options from the ‘happened upon’ farm house (the ride between Wissembourg and Strasbourg I think) to the multi-course meal in Kayserberg.  Adventures in Alsace

This is totally my own thing – but dinners seemed so long.  Could've had less food and spent more time exploring the town.  Italian Lakes

Meals were over the top great… except that I should always order what Canadian Lois ordered because hers looked better than what I ordered.   The value is great… spread the word, LOVED the little restaurant with the open fire grill.  Should have better looking, shirtless, 27 year old waiters...  Bordeaux & the Dordogne

Too bad we can't separate out the picky eaters from the rest of us – they get annoying after a while.  Green Spain

We had lots of fish and good paella – and good wine.  Once I had a huge white fish that was weird, but I'm the one who chose it. J. Martin, Celtic Spain

The food was amazing!  In fact, the cycling became a minor inconvenience endured between meals.  I ate myself into food comas.  T. Reiss, Loire Valley + Italian Alps

All the food was great; dinner was always a highlight.  TransIberian Biking

It was great to dine with people who like wine.  I enjoy wine so much more now as a result.  C. Chen, Swiss Cycling

Never has group eating and drinking worked out better.  Very fair and fun.  J. Pagnozzi, Umbria Unravelled

The Hotels
Accommodations and everything else, while spotty in terms of quality, was kind of the 'real deal' type experience we were looking for anyway, and we really enjoyed it.  Basque Biking

Didn't spend much time in the hotels, so only those with “loop days” were of any importance – good, clean beds & bathrooms and GOOD STRONG coffee!! are all that's important.  Austrian Alps & the Danube

All the hotels were great – I like the variation from moderate to really nice.  Keep it!   A. Erlich, Burgundy Biking

All fine – none the Ritz, none the pits...  We're cyclists.  Lavender & Olive Groves

Some hotels had really awful decor, but all were clean, in great locations & most important, the staff was friendly and helpful at all places.  It's not about hotels for me.  As long as it's quiet, has a decent shower and a bed that I can sleep in comfortably I'm fine.  We're only there a few hours.  T. Zak, Alpine Lakes

The worst hotel had the best location and the best breakfast so it is all good.  T. Tolley, Italian Lakes

My favorites were well worth the other two average hotels – how much time do you spend inside anyway?  Rivers & Canyons

I'm a big fan of a shower with a shower curtain.  J. Slosberg, A Week in Provence

All I need is a good night's sleep, though having it be in a castle with a pool, or a well preserved inn was quite nice.  R. Reddy, Pinot Noir Burgundy

I really didn't have a problem with any of the hotels – there was always at least one good thing about each one, whether it was friendly staff, good breakfast, nice view, good location, comfy bed, etc.  Mozart & the Matterhorn

None of [the hotels] were bad, maybe getting woken up at 7:22a by the bells in Como was a little bit of a minus.  For a graduate student, the lodging was above and beyond my expectations.  Italian Lakes

We didn't end up spending much time in the hotels... but we certainly enjoyed them – sure beats camping!  T. and A. Hughes, Umbria Unravelled

The hotels were so awful and [I] felt so ripped off.  R. Stark, Basque Biking
AND, on the same departure of the same trip, a fellow traveller writes...
You can't beat the beer and champagne vending machines and the canned snacks (anchovy stuffed olives) available 24 hours at the San Sebastian hotel!  D. Henderson, Basque Biking

I think that if I were older I would want more luxury, but since I am straight out of college and have lived in a dorm room the size of most people's closets for 4 years, I think I am less demanding than most.  I really don't think that the quality of hotels was all that important... in fact I was surprised at how nice they were.  E. Davis, Northern Transcon

The hotels in Austria met or surpassed my expectations.  Over 5 weeks, the hotels evened out pretty well.  I have decided to start my own hotel in Italy – I have already asked everyone I know to send me their old linens and kitchen towels.  Biking Transcontinental

I haven't done a cost/benefit analysis, but I assume nicer hotels would cost more and not be worth it for me.  M. Caldwell, Loire Valley + Italian Alps

All I care about accommodations is that they be clean, fairly comfortable, with a decent bathroom (water pressure, etc.).  They're just a place to leave my gear.  Lavender & Olive Groves

By the time I got to the hotels I was so tired I could have slept anywhere.  Basque Biking

The accommodations were excellent and the bathrooms really did impress me, especially when you needed a hot shower to warm up after a day of cycling in the rain!  The seminary in Santiago was Big in character, but really wasn't the best.  (I would keep it just because it was a seminary – it might be sacrilegious to get rid of it).  TransIberian Biking

What's the purpose of the “emergency” cord in the Italian showers?  Biking Transcontinental

About the Itineraries
[I'll be back] next year.  But it’ll be tough to top Basque.  Basque Biking

Before this trip, I had a fairly negative view of France based on a previous bicycle tour I had done with another company in Provence.  I suspected the Provence trip was just bad karma but I still had been avoiding France for the past 5 or 6 years.  This trip has totally changed my perception of France.  Bordeaux & the Dordogne

I'd rank this the best ride I've done in terms of nice scenery, not a lot of highway, not a lot of logistical interchange, consistently lovely, pleasantly surprising and quite interesting.  Really gave me a feeling for the country which I had not gotten from my prior stays in Copenhagen.  K. Gilbertson, Danish Biking

It was a great trip in a nice region – with many interesting options.  Loire Valley Cycle

Harvest time is a great time for this trip!  Great scenery and very interesting seeing all of the gypsy village activity.  Champagne Pedal

It was like a postcard every time I looked around, then having to swerve back onto the path to avoid riding into the freakishly clean crystal clear water.  And the cows really do have bells.  A. Gross, Italian Lakes

This was a spectacular trip.  We loved it and have recommended it to every HARDY person we know!  (It was a lot harder than I anticipated).   Norway Fjords & Glaciers

The trip was so gorgeous and adventurous.  The people of Norway were so nice and didn't get angry at you for that puzzled look when they didn't speak English.  I just had a great time, and there's nothing like climbing over steep waterfalls to make you feel independent and strong... until, of course, that old Norwegian lady taps you with her cane and asks if you might get out of her way because she and her 3 year old granddaughter are sick of going at your snail's pace.   L. Kaminsky, Norway Fjords & Glaciers

Denmark is charming, fascinating country, filled with beautiful blondes on bicycles – what's not to like?  R. Sayre, Danish Biking

The Dordogne trip was very good.  The Cevennes trip was exceptional.  Rivers & Canyons

Your humor in your written material is key, but no descriptions could do justice to what I actually saw & did.  Gorges of the Cévennes

Excellent trip – the scenery was incredible.  I got to pick apples, plums, grapes and feed cows and sheep, speak broken German to lederhosen-wearing old men who didn't understand a word I said.  Where else could I have so much fun?   Austrian Alps and the Danube


I realize that our trip isn't quite over yet, but I just wanted to let you know it was fantastic! Our guide (Pierre) was awesome with his knowledge of food, wine, and the area, and we had a fun group as well. While we had great rides, very nice meals, etc, what I will most fondly remember is the shared uproarious laughter on many occasions as newly found friends simply enjoyed the experience. Absolutely delightful!!! J. Bittman, Bordeaux & the Dordogne

The daily mental & physical workout is wonderful, particularly when you sit down in a cafe at the end of the day, feeling you have earned that glass of wine.  C. Morang, Portuguese Explorer

I cannot begin to tell you what a great time I had on the Cévennes trip. It was magical in so many ways.
The scenery, The challenge, The food, the other guests and the environment that you created. Thank you for all you do to make the Blue Marble experience so unforgettable. We hope to see you on another trip next year! J. Sisely, Gorges of the Cévennes

When I flew out of Paris I sat beside a guy that had been on a trip with another company.  They rode fast, far and light, did not have to carry anything or put the bikes on the trains.  I think my trip was a lot more fun!   W. Blaxley, Tour de France (Loire, Dordogne, Cévennes)

Blue Marble is now our family planning method.  We're planning to do one more trip next summer and then settle down and start having kids.  You were the deciding factor in the timing.   Loire Valley Cycle

One of the best vacations we have ever had!  Etruscan Trails

Definitely [recommend the trip] – what a blast!  The biking, the people, the food. the scenery!  Plus, we love getting covered in cow sh*t while biking 100k through Austria in the pouring rain.   M. Shea & J. Hood, Mozart & the Matterhorn

I wish I had gone for 2 weeks.  Yes, I know, you told me so before I left.  Danish Biking

I picked your company because of the timing/destinations but also the funny remarks in the info.  I knew you were on my wave length.   Lavender & Olive Groves

I had a fantastic time, saw a beautiful part of France, made some good friends who I hope to see on other trips again, soaked up as much outdoor fresh air as I could... and considered my Blue Marble trip money well spent.  You pack in a lot of value – and I felt like I got to enjoy much of the best of what this type of active vacation has to offer (scenery, activity, food, good company) without paying out the nose for extra luxuries that there’s less time to enjoy (5-star chateaus, van service that does the pedalling for you).   D. Leonard, A Week in Provence

I brought my daughter, now my sons want to go so we’ll be on more trips – I like having a family vacation we can all enjoy at our own pace.   Pure Tuscany

[Would recommend the trip to friends], but only if they were self-sufficient types.  A Week in Provence

The flexibility of the trip was one of its greatest assets.  H. Barsky, Danish Biking

Great trip – will definitely go w/ Blue Marble again.  Received tremendous value and conscientious treatment.  Swiss Cycling

This was by far the best two weeks of my life!  The people were some of the best I've ever known and I can't believe how much I loved the biking.  I am surviving going to work in an office every day by knowing I will be on a Blue Marble bike trip next summer.  Alpine Lakes

I liked your company because your web site exhibited a sense of humor.  This is VERY IMPORTANT to me.  A Week in Provence

I had a wonderful time!  The cycling was fabulous and the emphasis on scenery and food rather than 4-star accommodations was perfect!  I would recommend it to anyone.  R. Kang, Swiss Cycling

Thank you for organizing such a fun, educational, laid back, informative, cultural and inebriated trip (I now know enough about wine to go in and ask for a particular region rather than a price!).  The bikes were great, the panniers the perfect size, the meals memorable, the accommodations distinct in their own way....  We are seriously considering putting off starting a family for one more year so that we can get one more of these trips in!  I would heartily recommend you to friends who have a good sense of fun and a high tolerance and appreciation for adversity.  L. Honari, Loire Valley Cycle

Yes, unreservedly [recommend it] to anyone who has a relaxed attitude, an adventuresome spirit, 2 legs, and the capacity to have a good time!   Pure Tuscany

I don't think Blue Marble is a good fit for people who care a lot about pampering, but [it is] for people who won't freak out over a WC down the hall or no o.j. at breakfast.  Bordeaux & the Dordogne

I would recommend Blue Marble, but only to the more open-minded, adventurous ones who don't need van support... i.e. cool people.  J. Choi, Scandinavian Sampler

These trips are an acquired taste.  I'd recommend them, but I know many of my friends would not enjoy the biking, the carrying of paniers, the use of trains and the need for some self-sufficiency.  Some might not like the group aspect, or some of the less, uh, luxurious hotels.  I like all this stuff; they might not.  B. Sanderson, Austrian Alps & the Danubelet it be said in passing that Bill has clearly acquired this taste:  he has joined one or another of our trips for 11 years running....

We like the irreverent humor and approach to every aspect of the trip, including this evaluation.  Good value, nice people and fun adventure.  Burgundy Biking

You're doin' a great job of attracting cooool people who love to eat, ride, and have fun.  All around, we like your style!   P. Ketchum, Pure Tuscany

We didn't have access to photocopier on trip.  Bordeaux & the Dordogne

Best vacation I ever had.  I see what you were saying about taking longer trips... the 6 day one was over before it even got going!  Italian Lakes

It was my perfect vacation; exercise, food & wine, scenery at a price that was easy to swallow.  I'm a miserly soul but this was so easy to enjoy.   Tour de France

It was one of the finest trips I've taken – the biking, food and the group were outstanding.  I was lucky, however, since we had great weather and NO complete lunatics in the group.  G. Tell, Italian Lakes

This was my first bike trip and I was admittedly panicked about not being able to sit down for 2 weeks.  Turns out everything was fine.  I’m really looking forward to another trip!  J. Dalrymple, Loire Valley Cycle

I might do one with bigger towns, a thought I had when we had to stop to let a cow pass.  But the clientele really couldn't be beat, nor all the help from the US office.  Not for high maintenance, demanding people.  Celtic Spain

I'm one of those people who said I would never do a “bike tour,” but now I would return to do another Blue Marble trip in a heartbeat.  Swiss Cycling

I had the most wonderful three weeks with Blue Marble.  I absolutely loved all the biking, food, wine, and people.  I am looking forward to doing another Blue Marble trip in the future.  C. Bonica, Tour de France

Great trip!!  Everything was run very smoothly.  I liked being able to go at my own pace.  The trip was a perfect balance between off the beaten path and mainstream tourism.   Mozart & the Matterhorn

Fun active people, great scenery, fabulous food.  Pure Tuscany

Overall, I found this to be an excellent experience despite periodic frustrations (rather like life, eh?).  Most of what I got out of it was from the sense of discovery and having a wonderful group to travel with – you certainly seem to attract the kind of people that enjoy this kind of experience the way I do. :-)   Loire Valley Cycle

The cultural aspects (seeing the small towns and regular people and interacting with them) were of enormous value.  A Week in Provence

Frankly, to be wined, dined and catered to would be nice, but that's not the reason I went on a bike trip.  I could have sat at a resort for that.  I like to be challenged and Blue Marble did just that.  Anything less and I would have felt lazy.  Italian Lakes

Take another BMT trip?  Most definitely.  Most hassle free vacation I have ever had.  Most enjoyable.  Alpine Lakes

The fact that I stayed on for a third week, speaks to my enjoyment of the experience.  I look forward to taking my boyfriend with me on a trip next summer.  I appreciate all of the efforts on the part of the Blue Marble staff to make my vacation so incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.  I miss only having to worry about my route map and how much Belgian beer I can drink at lunch and still make it back on my bike...   P. Brown, C’est Cheese, added Northern Star en route.

Thank you all for such a fabulous trip – well run and wonderful from beginning to end (even the yucky weather days).   K. Hopkins, Burgundy Biking

If you don't like carrying a bike across a ditch while wearing a plastic bag, you really don't know how to vacation.   C. Regenaur, Northern Star + Swiss Cycling

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