Lavender & Olive

Lavender & Olive - 2 weeksVegetable lunch in Provence
France (Provence) and Italy (Tuscany)

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Our most popular France & Italy trip, “Lavender & Olive” is offered in Spring and Fall, idyllic riding weather in the sunny south.

This combination of Provence and Tuscany welcomes you to Europe’s oldest civilizations.  It is no surprise that these should have formed on the shores of the Mediterranean:  gentle climates, rich lands and beautiful scenery are a soothing joy, though most of us live without them in our modern worlds.  No need to here!  Bask in the soft colors and full flavors of the European south, surrounded by olive groves and Roman temples, cypress trees and stately villas, taste buds tickled by tomato sauces worthy of the name, sense of smell drawn to the sage and rosemary in the hills.

And what a line-up of cities! Nimes, Arles, Avignon, Aix, Pisa, Siena, Florence....  The only problem is finding time for them all.  A survey course in aesthetics, urban and rural.

Sunset in Tuscany

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Summary of the trip’s itinerary

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Days of the Week
Region Visited
Travel to Nimes (night there)
The trip assembles Sunday morning in Nimes.
1 - 6
Su & Mo
Nimes & Arles
Mo & Tu
The Alpilles, Melons
We - Fr
The Luberon
Italian Riviera train to Pisa
8 - 14
Su - Tu
San Gimignano, the Elsa Valley
Tu - Th
Siena, Colline Sienese
Fr & Sa
Chianti, to Florence
Trip disbands Saturday, upon arrival in Florence.
Florence Access Package includes a Saturday night hotel and Sunday ongoing travel.
Access Package
travel date

Lavender & Olive — Facts & Figures
2018 Dates

Baggage Services Offered**
May 20 - June 2

Later dates to be determined
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$3,895 US
$4,695 C

Daily, Half, Lite
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