Alpine Italy

Alpine Italy – 2 weeks
The Dolomites and the Lake District, with bits of Switzerland and Austria

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There is only so much you can say about the Alps, but one never gets tired of living them.  And the ways in which they have been settled by the countries that share them are almost endlessly varied. 

This trip is about the Italian version:   austere drama and unspoiled nature in the Dolomites, laughing resorts and flower-lined inland seas in the Lake District.  But always focused south, usually bathed in a warm summer sun, historically drawn to Venice and to Rome, a contrast with the sterner Alpine republics on the opposite slopes.

There is still plenty of cultural contrast:  you will encounter four “native” languages in the Dolomites alone.  And brief incursions to Switzerland and Austria let us see the influences of Zurich and Vienna.  But you are unmistakably in Italy....

Alpine biking is not the obligatory workout you’d think.  Unlike the Rockies, the Alps’ base is close to sea level, increasing vertical drops (and making slopes too steep for most cyclists!).  So communication arteries, and our routes, follow the valleys. 

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For details within each region, including ride difficulty, click on the name under “Region Visited”...
Trips starting in the Italian Lakes inverse these two regions,
and include an additional night at the end of the trip, which disbands on Sunday morning.
Days of the Week
Region Visited
Meet in Fortezza / Franzesfeste — June 26 departure
Meet in BrigTrips starting with the Italian Lakes
1 - 7
Trips may visit the Italian Lakes first.
Su - We
The Brenner Pass & the Val Pusteria
We - Fr
The Alto Adige, Merano Spa
Fr & Sa
Bolzano and the Weinstraße
8 -14
Trips starting with the Italian Lakes now visit the Dolomites.
Su & Mo
The Ossola Valley
Tu - Sa
The Lakes, Ticino
June 26th trip disbands in Como Saturday at midday.
Saturday night included in the Como Access Package for a flight or other ongoing travel.  
Access Package travel date
Trips which started with the Italian Lakes disband in Bolzano on Sunday morning.

Alpine Italy — Facts & Figures
2017 Dates
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$3,695 US
$4,795 C
3,150 €
Daily, Half, Lite
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** Traffic conditions over the first half of the trip make it suitable for children sharing a cycle with their parents, or for children with confirmed riding skills.  It is not appropriate for novice, young cyclists.

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* A 30% discount is available on the July 3rd departure.  Conversely, the “Half” service will not be offered.

** At least 4 riders must subscribe to a given baggage service for it to operate.  The services listed are those currently offered on the departure in question.  Services which appear in bold already have at least 3 subscribers (so, one more would ensure their operation).


Reaching & Leaving Your Trip:  General Information on Access Packages
Specific information on reaching your trip’s start in... Fortezza / Franzesfeste
Specific information on departing from your trip’s end... Como