Burgundy Biking

Burgundy Biking – 2 weeks
France:  Southern & Northern Burgundy

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All that you have heard about France, and much that you haven’t.  Biking through the world’s most precious vineyards, and sampling their produce. 15th century villages, canal tow paths, dramatic castles, and France’s finest cuisine (we reveal a predjudice).  Grey & Poupon, it turns out, were two guys who ran mustard shops across the street from each other in Dijon.

In many ways, Burgundy is France’s most unselfconscious region.  It’s mental and economic autonomy reflect a time when it was a separate state, Dijon its small but opulent capital.  The extraordinary variety, scenic and cultural, of the modern-day region’s four départements make it easy to understand how it could have been so self-sufficient.

Beyond the famous vineyards, our Burgundy Biking trip spends a good portion of its time “off the beaten track,” passing through forests and wild praries, milltowns of centuries gone by, through pastoral farmlands, and agrarian market towns:  all far from the famous wine towns and their relative bustle.  Religious history, the machinations of the Hapsburgs, tiny villages fortified to withstand year-long sieges, and medieval markets, are all part of your holiday....

Vineyards of Burgundy

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Days of the Week
Region Visited
Meet in Dijon
1 & 2
Su & Mo
Beaune, Vineyards of the Côte d'Or
3 - 5
Tu - Th
The Côte Chalonaise, Autun, Cluny
6 & 7
Fr, Sa
The Maconnais, Tournus, return to Dijon
Saturday is spent in Dijon.
8 & 9
Su & Mo
Yonne Valley, Canal Tow Paths
10 & 11
Tu & We
Wine towns of the Nivernais
12 & 13
Th & Fr
Vézelay, the Morvan, Epoisses
Vercingétorix & a Continental Divide
Our trip disbands upon arrival in Dijon, on Saturday, at the end of a full riding day.  Ongoing travel is discussed here
Our Access Package includes a festive Saturday dinner in Dijon, a hotel night, and a train to a variety of destinations on Sunday.

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$4,225 C

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