The Salzburgerland & the Danube

The SalzburgerLand & the Danube (Austria) — 12 nights

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This route is our oldest friend.  Our very first trip, and perhaps still our best.

Austria is a relatively “off-the-beaten-track” Discovery destination:  a backwater during the Cold War, surrounded on three sides by the Iron Curtain, her capital well to the east of Prague.  And today’s nation is only the nucleus of the far larger empire that held the name before World War I.

But a turbulent past has left behind the rich, multi-layered history; fascinating and sumptuous cultural heritage; and varied cuisine of that far larger nation.  Modern Austria is the repository, or at least the hub, of much of Central Europe’s past.  Classical music fans will be amazed at the vibrancy of the classical scene.  Baroque monasteries and palaces surrounded by French gardens line our route.  And the country has found a modern role as commercial and diplomatic crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe.

Days of glorious biking complete the picture.  Pedal around opal lakes and beneath terraced vineyards on quiet bike paths.  Tip your helmet to the Austrian ecology movement, one of Europe’s strongest.  And then admire the flowered villages, magnificent mountains, and beautiful rivers which result.

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Days of the Week
Region Visited
Travel to Salzburg (hints are here)
1 - 7
Su & Mo
Salzburg, Salt Mines, Musical Fountains, Berchtesgaden
Tu - Fr
The Salzkammergut & the Austrian Alps
Fr & Sa
Gesäuse National Park and the Ennstal Bike Route
7 - 13
Sa - Mo
Steyr and the Steiermark
Mo - Th
The Danube and the Wachau
Th & Fr
Trip disbands on Friday morning after breakfast, but additional nights in Vienna are available — and recommended!

The SalzburgerLand & the Danube — Facts & Figures
2018 Dates
Baggage Services Offered**
Difficulty of the Ride
Schedule Pending
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$3,750 US
$4,695 C
Daily, Lite
Easy to Moderate

Several long days, but the longest are flat, as is most of the riding.  Back-ups are excellent.  A few “walking” hills; if you voluntarily go up a few more, you have a “Moderate” or a “Challenging” ride on your hands.

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