Kaiser Kapers

Kaiser Kapers (Austria & Italy) — 2 weeks

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The power and influence of Europe’s greatest political dynasty is on full display on this 19th century hommage.  The Habsburgs reigned over much of Europe for the bulk of four centuries, up until World War I.  Vienna was the
capital, and is still today an unrivaled cultural hub and repository of history.

And where you have a wealthy and powerful city, you have surrounding rural playgrounds:  stylish and beautiful, reflecting the opulant architecture and sophistication of the mother ship.

This unusual trip combines two traditional Viennese playgrounds with a 2-night stop in the place that gives them their importance. 

The unusual part comes from the city visit, not routinely part of a bike trip.  But our two mid-trip nights in Vienna are essential to your understanding of the two remarkable provinces we pedal through:  Austria's Danube Valley, and the now-Italian Dolomites, a part of Austria at the height of their — and her — glory.

The Danube ride, following Europe’s first (and still most important) long-distance bike path, is ornate and gastronomic, serene and beautiful.  Hilltop castles look down on the stately river, prim villages surround white churches, themselves surrounded by vineyards dotted with wine taverns....  Gardens are everywhere, and offer respite and sanctuary in the most idyllic of settings.

After our time in Vienna, we continue to the lost summer playground of the Dolomites.  Lost to the Austrians, that is:  in one of those probably ill-advised post-war arbitrages, Italy was deeded these lands after World War I.  But you can hardly tell.  Whether it's the language, the architecture, the environmental sensitivity or the cuisine, things don’t feel so very different.

Beautiful terraces, half-timbered alpine villas, and a luxurious spa town with world-famous botanical gardens, pepper our cycle routes, most of which are on dedicated paths free from cars.

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Days of the Week
Region Visited
Travel to Steyr (hints are here)
1 - 8
Sa - Mo
Steyr and the Steiermark
Mo - Th
The Danube Valley, the Wachau
Th - Sa
Train to the Dolomites

Early morning departure from Vienna — yuk.  But a beautiful train ride through the Alps brings us to...

9 - 16
Su - Tu
High Passes of the Pale Mountains
We - Fr
The Alto Adige & the Merano Spa
Sa & Su
Traminer Vineyards, Bolzano
Onward travel from Bolzano
Our trip disbands after breakfast on Sunday morning.  Onward travel is discussed here.

Kaiser Kapers — Facts & Figures
2018 Dates
Baggage Services Offered**
Difficulty of the Ride
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$3,850 US
$4,795 C
Daily, Half, Lite
Easy to Moderate

Several long days, but the longest are flat, as is most of the riding.  Back-ups are excellent.  A few “walking” hills; if you voluntarily go up a few more, you have a “Moderate” or a “Challenging” ride on your hands.

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