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Why not? Everyone else has one...
Welcome to our links page -- a "work in progress," not to say constant evolution.  The sites mentioned below are those that we find worthwhile, or merely those that have a "link exchange" (gotta improve our searchability, right?).  Suggestions and recommendations are encouraged -- please send them to info@bluemarble.org.

Bicycletour.com “The largest directory of bicycle tours anywhere.” Wow.

International Bicycle Fund -- "A non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding."  Kinda like us, though for us the nonprofit part isn't intentional.

Check out League of American Bicyclists -- "working for a bicycle-friendly America"

Anyone who believes in biking should visit the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership's website.  Doesn't sound exciting?  It is.  Find out how your transportation choices affect the planet.

No, we still don't have tours in Southest Asia (thanks for asking). But check out Cycling Sulawesi -- maybe our next vacation!

Velogear.com is Australia's comprehensive bicycle website!


Stuff to do in Paris:
Fat Tire Bike Tours -- Feeling energetic and brave?  Do a day bike tour of Paris!  Pass on the suggestion to do wheelies around the Arc de Triomphe.  Also...

Paris Bike Tours
Paris bicycle tours in small groups, for all ages. Discover Paris as an insider.

Rail Travel:

Rail Europe: for railpass options and prices (but buy 'em through us — you'll be glad you did).

In the good ol' USA -- (for the moment we still have some trains):  All Aboard Amtrak!

Austrian National Tourist Office
Belgian Tourist Office Web Site
Denmark's Tourist Office
France Government Tourist Office
German National Tourist Office
Italian Government Tourist Office
Norwegian Tourist Board
National Tourist Board of Spain
Swiss National Tourist Board

Adventure Travel:
Gordonsguide.com even makes our trips look super-professional (check out our “photo gallery!”)

Reciprocal Links
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