Trips by Length
Our trips vary in length from five weeks to a single day.

The table below lists our trips by name in rough order from longest to shortest, with links to more detailed descriptions.  Each region visited during the course of the trip is also listed, along with the approximate overall trip length (calculated more precisely for shorter trips).

Precise trip lengths (shown for trips of about a week) do not includeAccess Package” nights, often needed to reach or leave the trip.  Conversely, many of our trips including rides on both the arrival and departure days (see the individual itineraries for details).  Thus a 4-night trip can often include 5 riding days.

* Precise trip lengths (shown for trips of a week or less) are shown not including the (sometimes unavoidable) nights to reach or leave the trip, as included in our “Access Packages.”  You will need to budget this time to travel between the trip and the nearest real place, even if you make all of your own travel arrangements.

Long Trips, 3 - 5 Weeks
Trip Name
Regions Visited
Biking Transcontinental Southern Burgundy, Switzerland, the Italian Lakes, Austria
5 weeks
Roman Roads of France & Italy Bordeaux & the Dordogne, the Cévennes, Provence & Tuscany
4 weeks
Northern Transcon Champagne (France), Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Denmark, Norway
3 or 4 weeks
Mozart & the Matterhorn Switzerland, the Italian Lakes, Austria (Alps & the Danube Valley)
3 weeks
Tour de France Combination of 3 French regions
3 weeks

± 2 Week Trips
Trip Name Regions Visited
Alpine Lakes Switzerland & the Italian Lakes
Burgundy Biking France:  Northern and Southern Burgundy
C’est Cheese Southern Burgundy (France), Switzerland
Cyclist’s Paradise Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Denmark
Etruscan Trails Italy:  Tuscany & Umbria
2-Week Combinations
Combinations of two of our French routes
France + Italy,
2-Week Combinations
Combos of one French and one Italian route
Green Spain The Basque Country (France and Spain) + Galicia (Spain and Portugal)
Kaiser Kapers Austria (the Danube Valley) and the Italian Dolomites
Lavender & Olive Provence (France) and Tuscany (Italy)
Mousse Head Champagne (France), Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany
Red Wine Roads France:  Southern Burgundy, Bordeaux & the Dordogne
Rivers & Canyons France:  Bordeaux & the Dordogne Valley, the Cévennes
Roman Souvenirs France:  the Cévennes and Provence
SalzburgerLand & the Danube Austria:  the Alps and the Danube Valley
Scandinavian Sampler Denmark & Norway

Trips of a Week or Less
Trip Name Regions Visited Length *
Adventures in Alsace Alsace (France and a bit of Germany)
7 nights
Basque Biking The French & Spanish Basque Country
Bordeaux & the Dordogne Bordeaux & the Dordogne (France)
Gorges of the Cévennes The Cévennes (France)
Italy’s Pale Mountains The Dolomites (Italy, Austria, and a bit of Switzerland)
Northern Star Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany
Swiss Cycling Switzerland, and related parts of France
Brittany's Emerald Coast Brittany (France)
6 nights
Castles of the Loire The Loire Valley (France)
Celtic Spain Galicia (Spain, with a bit of Portugal)
Chardonnay Burgundy Northern Burgundy (France)
Chocolat Box Jura The Jura (France and Switzerland)
Italian Lakes The Italian Lake District, and Italian Switzerland
Norway Fjords & Glaciers Norway
Pure Tuscany Tuscany (Italy)
Umbria Unravelled Umbria (Italy)
Pinot Noir Burgundy Southern Burgundy (France)
5 nights
A Week in Provence Provence (France)
Champagne Pedal Champagne (France)
4 nights
Short Trips from Paris France
0 - 3 nights

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