About the Bikes

Women’s Upright Bikes

This is bike style we refer to as “Women's Upright.”

Other styles available are “Men’s Racing” and “Men’s Upright.” Return to the introduction for comparison.

The “women's” refers to the frame (no horizontal bar at the top, designed to allow use by a skirted rider, and to facilitate mounting and dismounting).  The “upright” refers to the handlebars, or more precisely, to the position of the rider on the bars.

This style presents some inconveniences (a wobblier frame, a single back position...), but it is by far the easiest to mount and dismount.  If you are nervous about your riding skills, and / or going on a short trip (where climbing the learning curve of a different style will use up too much of the trip, and, after all, this is supposed to be a vacation...), then this is your best bet.