About the Bikes

Men’s Upright Bikes

These bikes are of the style we call “Men's Upright.”

Other styles available are “Men’s Racing” and “Women’s Upright.” Return to the introduction for comparison.Good Men's Upright bikeRiding in Alsace

The “men’s” refers to the frame, with a straight horizontal bar linking seat post and handlebar stem.  This bar makes the frame more rigid, and thus reduces wobble and improves the bike's handling.   It ensures that more of your pedal effort goes to moving the bike forward, and not side-to-side.

The “upright” refers to the handlebars, or more accurately, to the position of the rider on the bars.  In general, riders on these bikes sit straighter, which is nice for viewing.   But the bikes are less maneuverable, especially at higher speeds, and they require that you use extra caution going downhill.   The single back position theyallow can be wearing over time.

If you are going on a shorter trip, and this is what you are used to (and it probably is), then you are probably better off selecting it.   The learning curve of “racing” or “ram’s horn” bars (the use of which implies getting used to stretching across the bike's frame) will not have time to pay off.   And the back problems sometimes engendered by upright bars will probably not have time to become an issue.