About the Bikes

Men’s Racing BikesBike as footrest

The bikes shown in these pictures are the style we refer to as “Men's Racing.”

Other styles available are “Men’s Upright” and “Women’s Upright.”   Return to the introduction for comparison.

The “men’s” refers to the frame, with a straight horizontal bar linking seat post and handlebar stem, most visible in the photo below. This bar makes the frame more rigid, and thus reduces wobble and improves the bike's handling (just like in a car commercial).

The “racing” refers to the handlebars, also known as “drop,” or “ram's horn” bars. These bars can be ridden in three different positions, thus varying pressures on your neck and back, and giving you a low center of gravity which makes the bike easier to control.

Our headsets are narrow, which is better for aerodynamic reasons, and also as a matter of safety (minimal risk of being “clipped” by a passing car).

Please note:  wine bottle not included.