Trip Application, 1- to 4-Day Bicycle Trips — 2014

  • Only one application per group of up to 8 people travelling together need be completed.
    If more than one person is travelling, please give us information on the additional riders here.
  • Bold fields (also designated with a *) are required.
  • This form can be used for combinations of two or more day rides.
    Select the first in the list below, and tell us which ones you are adding on in the “comments” space at the bottom.

If this application is for more than one person, it should be filled out by the “Lead Contact,” a person we may contact for further information. 

*Please tell us if this application is for...
... the “Lead Contact” of a couple, family, or group   ... or for a solo traveller
If you are the “Lead Contact” of a group of 2 or more, the other rider(s) bike and age information is supplied on the separate form, linked below.
*Trip Date

Reminder:   trips in italics span 2 or more days.  

May 18 (Su), Southern Burgundy
May 18 - 20 (Su - Tu), Southern Burgundy
May 20 - 23 (Tu - Fr), Southern Burgundy
May 24 (Sa), Loire Valley
May 25 (Su), Loire Valley
May 26 & 27 (Mo & Tu), Loire Valley
May 28 (We), Loire Valley
May 28 - 30 (We - Fr), Loire Valley

June 15 (Su), Northern Burgundy 
June 21 (Sa), Northern Burgundy
June 22 - 25 (Su - We), Brittany
June 30 (Mo), Champagne
June 30 - July 2, Champagne

July 1 (Tu), Champagne
July 2 (We), Champagne
July 3 (Th), Champagne
July 3 & 4 (Th & Fr), Champagne
July 5 (Sa), Loire
July 6 (Su), Loire
July 7 & 8 (Mo & Tu), Loire
July 9 (We), Loire
July 9 -11 (We - Fr), Loire
July 12 - 14 (Sa - Mo), Alsace

July 20 (Su), Northern Burgundy
July 20 - 23, Northern Burgundy
July 21 & 22 (Mo & Tu), N. Burgundy
July 22 (Tu), Northern Burgundy
July 23 (We), Northern Burgundy
July 23 - 25 (We - Fr), Northern Burgundy
July 26 (Sa), Northern Burgundy
July 27 (Su), Southern Burgundy
July 27 - 29 (Su - Tu), Southern Burgundy
July 29 - August 1 (Tu - Fr), S. Burgundy

August 17 - 20 (Su - We), Brittany

September 6 - 8 (Sa - Mo), Alsace
September 13 (Sa), Loire
September 14 (Su), Loire
September 15 & 16 (Mo & Tu), Loire
September 17 (We), Loire
September 17 - 19 (We - Fr), Loire
September 28 (Su), S. Burgundy
Sept. 28 - 30 (Su - Tu), S. Burgundy
Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 (Tu - Fr), S. Burgundy

If you are signing up for back-to-back trips, tell us that in the space provided for comments, below.  There is no need to complete multiple forms.

*First Name
*Last (Family) Name
*Birth Date (dd/mm/yyyy):

*Gender:  M . . .F

Postal Address:
Mobile Phone
if your phone is, or will be, active in France
(please include country code)
(please include country code)
*Bike Info Your Height* , inseam measurement and bike size, if known
Inseam is measured from crotch to top of the arch of your foot, along the inside of either leg.
Style. Please choose one:
Men's Racing Men's Upright Don’t
Women's Upright Bringing My Own
If you have selected a bike style, and your chosen style is not available, would you prefer that we select an alternate style or refuse your payment?  Please select one:
Alternate Style . . . OR Refuse Payment
Outfitting Our Bike.
No Saddle . . .
No Pedals . . .
Toe Cages . . .

If you are bringing your own saddle or pedals, and would like our bike suppied without them, please check as appropriate.
If you wish your bike equipped with toe cages, check that.  Leave blank otherwise.
Optional Cycle Equipment / Insurance.  Please tell us the number of each required:
Handlebar bag(s)      Sets of panier(s) / saddlebag(s)
Helmet(s)     Rain Poncho(s)       Cycle Insurance Policies
Optional Extras:   if you would like any optional extras other than bike equipment, please tell us what, below. 
Night Stops,
if applicable: 
tell us your hotel room preference.
Double (a room with one, double bed)
Twin (a room with two single beds)
Triple with one double, one single bed
Triple with three single beds
Train Tickets:
Check one, if applicable:
“I do not need train tickets to or from the trip, because...
...I will use my railpass, but be on your train.” ...OR...
...I will reach the trip start point on my own, and meet you there” (by car, or coming from elsewhere by train).
*How Did You Hear of Us? “I have travelled with you before”
“I have rented (or am renting) one of your Paris guest apartment(s)”
Google search.  If you remember, please tell us whether via a free search . . . or an ad .
“Elsewhere on the internet.”  We would be grateful if you could take a stab at where:
“From a friend / acquaintance / guy on bench.” 
If you happen to know a name, we’d love to thank him...
Other (please elaborate if you can):
  • If you are a solo traveller, this form (and payment) are all we need.
  • If you are the “Lead Contact” for a group of 2 or more, please additionally give us the age and cycle information for the other travellers on the Additional Rider Application.
  • If you are signing up for back-to-back trips, tell us that in the space provided for comments, immediately above.  There is no need to complete multiple forms.
  • To register, please send us whichever forms are appropriate (this application, and the Additional Rider application if necessary), along with your payment.
    You may do so by converting the forms to pdf format and e.mailing them, or by printing and either faxing or mailing them to our Paris office.  It is not currently possible to submit them on line, but we are working on it!
    To send as a pdf from an Apple computer, select the “Print” command from the “File” menu.  In the bottom left corner of the “Print” dialogue box, select “Save as a pdf.”   Then attach the .pdf file to your e.mail.