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Northern Burgundy Bike Trips

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The crisp slate of Chablis, chardonnay with attitude; Auxerre’s cathedral and Vézelay’s basilica, the Nivernais canal tow paths; Epoisses’ cheese, whose perfume you recognize in the pastures of wild flowers....  And glorious biking on country lanes, which you share with much odd-looking grape-oriented farm machinery, but very few cars.

This is the part of Burgundy that the French themselves love most.  Tiny stone villages, flower-bedecked canal locks, and vineyards which produce wonderful wines, a third the price of their better-known cousins just to the east.  Goat cheese farms, and the wild boar of the Morvan plateau.

Loop rides on three separate days let you vary your riding distances to suit your tastes.  All-in-all, a wonderful idyll in pastoral France!

The following trips visit Northern Burgundy:

Tour de France
(3 weeks)
Visits Northern Burgundy, bracketed by Alsace & Southern Burgundy.  Not yet scheduled in 2018.

Burgundy Biking (2 weeks)
Follows both of our Burgundy routes, north and south.  Not yet scheduled in 2018.

Two-Week France Trips
Couples Brittany with Northern Burgundy

France & Italy (2 weeks)
Visits Northern Burgundy and one of our Italian regions. 
Not yet scheduled in 2018.

Chardonnay Burgundy
follows this itinerary exclusively
Departure dates and prices are in the “Facts & Figures” table, below.

Short Trips (1 - 3 days)
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Day-by-Day Itinerary:   Northern Burgundy

Day of the Week
Typical distances, in km
If you have subscribed to our Access Package, you will generally meet us in Paris for the trip to Burgundy.  Saddle the bikes, head for the station, and train through the Seine valley to Laroche-Migennes.  The trip assembles in Laroche, and it is also possible to arrive from the southeast, via Dijon. 

From Laroche, a midday ride on country lanes brings us to the cathedral city of Auxerre. 
Auxerre is a destination later in the trip, and you won’t have much time for it today (which is fine, because it will be closed).  But lunch down by the river port is still an attractive option.

We now join the tow paths of the Nivernais canal, and pedal along the canal towards Vermenton.  The locks are covered with flowers; the houseboats with overweight tourists.  Our destination, and home for the next three nights, is at the confluence of the Cure and the Yonne rivers.

Half Baggage
40 k
Riverside riding in the Yonne valley.  Our nominal goal is Clamecy, an old logging center for the Morvan plateau.  The town is a well-preserved haven for centuries-old buildings, and has a bizarre 500-year history as the home-away-from-home for the bishops of Bethleham (yes, that Bethleham).

But the real interest is in the beautiful ride.  Mailly-le-Château offers views of the valley from the ramparts of the ruined chateau.  Châtel-Censoir is a picturesque village on the banks of the river.  Coulanges has a mini-golf course to give you a bit of upper body work.  And the whole ride takes place on country lanes which line the river, under the branches of willows and chestnut trees.

Return via the plateau, on roads which see so few vehicles that you wonder why they could possibly have been built.

Half Baggage
35 - 70 k
Today we strike out for one of the world’s greatest wine towns, Chablis.  The wine produced here is not the chablis of Ernest and Julio fame.  Rather, it is one of the world’s greatest chardonnays, a flinty elixir which marvelously accompanies any good fish, the locally produced Epoisses cheese, or a hot day on the bike.  Wine tasting, vineyard visits, maybe a good lunch and a dip in the town’s swimming hole....

Return via Auxerre, now open for business.  Or perhaps via Irancy, home to an undiscovered red Burgundy wine, one of the best values in the appellation.   One more tasting?  Hic!

Half Baggage
45 - 65 k

A beautiful riding day, along water courses and on country lanes lined with hedgerows.  First stop is the Grottes d'Arcy.  Underground lakes, vast halls filled with limestone formations, and also dozens of paleolithic cave paintings, awe-inspiring testimonies by our ancestors.

In the afternoon, leave the river, and head to the Vézelay basilica, one of France’s best-preserved Romanesque structures, and starting point of centuries’ worth of pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. 

past the lovely water mills of the Cousin Valley, and to Avallon.  Walk the 16th century ramparts, and pour boiling oil on your fellow riders struggling up the hill behind you.  You’ll all have a hearty laugh over it at dinner, before they poison your soup. 

55 k
Start the morning with a stroll around the fortified town.  Old houses, pretty gardens....  Then it's into the Parc Régional du Morvan, one of France’s most wild and beautiful corners.  The isolated Morvan plateau was a center of the French Résistance, the memory of which is honored by a moving museum in the center of the park.  Forests, valleys, rural lanes, and views to forever. 

Ride as much (or as little) as you please, swim in the lakes and ponds, and return to civilization when you’re good and ready.  Via an intriguing chocolate shop, which you find in the no-less-intriguing Quarry of the Tombes...
Variable k
Geographically, you are not far from the scenes of your first riding days.  But what a difference!  Tiny stone villages huddled in hollows, expansive vistas over fields of wheat and sunflowers, copses of trees... and not much else.

You can visit a cheese dairy in the town of Epoisses, and buy the eponimous curd to go with your picnic Chablis.

An extra attraction:. consider tacking on a visit to Fontenay Abbey, a short ride from our night stop.  With buildings dating from the 1100`s to present, it provides a capsule of Burgundian architectural styles, and offers a history of their progression.

Half Baggage
55 k
Head out along a bucolic canal, and then pick up your heart rate by riding up either or both of two (optional) mountains.  Mont Auxois was the site of Vercingétorix’s last stand:  Caesar besieged and captured the famous Gaul here, thus sealing the Roman domination of what became France.  The second has a seminary and a candy factory on top of it.  So there is something for everyone.

We next follow a pastoral valley though a sequence of sleepy villages.  Far from the Burgundy known to tourists, this is a place where cows are hearded home in the evenings, where old stone villages quietly crumble, and where foreigners on bicycles are gawked at, if you can find anyone to gawk.

Finally, up and over one of France’s continental divides, separating the English Channel basin from the Mediterranean basin.  On the other side we find the Burgundian capital, Dijon.  Dramatic views and imposing cliffs line our road as we spiral down to the valley floor.  Stop for a swim in Lac Kir on the way into town.

Half Baggage

Saturday night is spent in Dijon by passengers travelling on with us, and also as part of the the trip Access Package.
90 k
TRAVEL DAY (through trips, Access Package)
If you are continuing your travels with us, get your next itinerary out of your sock bag.... Trains are available in all directions for those whose cycling adventures are drawing to a close.

Chardonnay Burgundy — Facts & Figures
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Three riding days are “loops,” out and back to the same starting point.  They can easily be shortened or lengthened to suit your tastes, or even your mood on the morning of the ride. 

The remainder are well-supported.  And you can make any of them long and hilly, if that is what you are looking for....
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