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This non-flat land (that’s Holland, silly) abounds with fun.  Friendly people with a lively history inhabit adorable villages. Islands offer storybook seascapes and endless skies, the settings of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.  Pubs pour Carlsberg and Tuborg to a plethora of night owls.  The Danes are known as the “Latins of Scandinavia,” and they make a concerted effort to live up to the billing.  A weekend in Copenhagen is a sight to behold!

And most of this is accessible especially (only?) to cyclists.  Short distances and town centers closed to autos encourage the Danes themselves to bike.  Whole families pedal down the road.  Parents tow carts loaded with groceries, camping equipment, and the junior members of the clan, while older kids wobble along under their own power, as shall we.  Marked cycle routes, chosen for their beauty, form a national network.  They are often endowed with priority over intersecting roads, a priority which we use to our fullest advantage!

The following trips visit Denmark:

Northern Transcon (3 or 4 weeks)
Visits France (Champagne), Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany (Northern Europe), Denmark, and Norway

A Cyclist’s Paradise (2 weeks)
Visits Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany (Northern Europe), and Denmark

Scandinavian Sampler (2 weeks)
Visits Denmark followed by Norway

Danish Biking follows this itinerary exclusively.
Departure dates and prices are in the table, below.

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Day-by-Day Itinerary:  Denmark

Day of the Week
Typical distances, in km
We meet early afternoon in Fredericia.  Built as a fortress, her grass-planted earthen ramparts date from 1650.  The grass idea was that approaching armies would not even know there was a town there.  But we figured it out!  There’s this huge railroad station, see, and we knew there had to be a reason....

We outfit our bikes in the station forecourt, and off we go!  Our first day familiarizes us with Denmark’s interstate system of bike paths, which we will continue to use all week (pay attention, there’ll be a quiz...). 

Cycle along the Baltic ant to the Vejlefjord (yes, a fjord), at the back of which sits the town for which it was named. 
30 k


Cyclists start the morning with a trip up the Grejsdalen (yes, a gorge) to Jelling, emblematic of ancient Denmark.  Gorm the Elder and Harald Bluetooth federated the Norse kingdom and buried a lot of stuff here, including the Queen, under huge piles of dirt.  Runic stones abound, Wends maraud, and the whole business is somehow linked to early Christianity, at least if you believe Christ was a Viking.

Now a great day on a combination of Interstates 3 & 4.  Interstate bike paths, that is.  We head north across moors and farmlands, detouring through towns from time to time to shoot a game of pool and enjoy a Carlsberg....  Wildflowers fill the fields, herons perch in marshes, lakeside picnic tables becon.

Alternate focus:  a side-excursion to nearby Legoland....

Evening finds us in Århus, Denmark's second city, for a 2-night stop.

80 - 100 k
ÅRHUS and Environs

Give some time to Århus, the location of the royal family’s summer “cottage” (you won’t be able to visit, since they’ll be in residence at this season).  Content yourself with the charming “Old City,” the longest cathedral in Denmark, a Viking museum, and an entire reconstructed 18th century town in the middle of a city park.

Cyclists can explore more of central Jutland: lakes and forests, the old lumber town of Silkeborg, Skanderborg's impressive arts center, the bike path around lake Braband
0 - 70 k

Today we leave continental Europe, and return to the island of Fyn, where we first met.  The bridge crossing is pretty impressive, if the wind doesn't blow you off.  Actually, it is even more impressive if it does.

Across Fyn, past manor houses and farms, and to Odense.

Odense was the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.  Visit his home, or any of the many post card stands erected in his memory.  The evening is more fun: spend it exploring the plethoric and animated cafés and bars in the town center, where the Danes work to earn their reputation as the latins of Scandinavia.

Half Baggage
60 - 90 k

Today we cross half the other half of Fyn, to the south coast and the Baltic Sea.

Stop in Egeskov, whose castle was an inspiration for Victorian adventure (Prisoner of Zenda), and whose gardens take their inspiration from Versailles.  Then continue to the port of Svendborg an age-old fishing and commercial port, which boasts excellent seafood restaurants, and more bars (and billiards tables) than full-time residents.  Something to do with the sailors, we guess.
60 k

A morning ferry escorted by sea gulls brings us to Ærøskøbing, a most delightful place. Mispronounce all of those øs, æs, and ås.  Wander in streets of lilliputian houses and poke your nose into charming shops.  It is easy to see where Andersen got the inspiration for his fairy tales...

Then set off on your cycle around the island.  Beaches, craggy coastline, a ship museum at Marstal, mini-golf....  Everything else here is mini, why not golf?  Back to the mainland at the end of the day.  Are those the same sea gulls?
60 k

More island biking, but there can never be too much.  Today we travel along the eastern coast of Fyn, past inviting sandy beaches and more viking burial mounds.  Nyborg, on the east coast of Fyn, and a short train ride from Copenhagen, is our final biking destination.  Our trip formally disbands upon arrival in Nyborg.

Half Baggage

Nyborg Access Package subscribers, and riders travelling on to Norway
Guests continuing to Norway, or those subscribing to our post-trip “Access Package,” spend the night in Copenhagen.
60 k
Those flying out head for the airport.  If you’re going on to Norway, you have the morning to explore Copenhagen.  In the afternoon, we board an overnight deluxe ferry which will take us there.  Wake up on Monday morning, and continue to mispronounce names.

Half Baggage
Lots, by train or plane

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