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More than a drink, it’s a place!

Just an hour from Paris, pop the corks amongst the beautiful vineyards.  Gawk at the splendor of Reims’ cathedral, where French kings were long crowned.  Explore the WWI battle sites of the Marne.  Peek into Picardy’s Romanesque churches, or the even older Merovingian crypts under the Jouarre abbey. 

Visit the cellars of Moët and Cliquot.  Marvel at country lanes where not a car passes, at farming villages of 100 souls, at the peaceful fields and vineyards and forests... all in commuting distance from the City of Lights!
Champagne vineyards
One of our most surprising rides actually cycles out of Paris on a Monday morning, quickly leaving the rush hour bussle to join a canal tow path of industry gone by. 

By the end of the day you are pedalling through the pasture land that produces the famous brie cheese (the real one, not the plastic immitation from your local grocery). 

A fascinating window on today’s France, touching on topics from land use to urban development, social integration of immigrants to the preservation of agrarian traditions... and of course continually celebrating the ever-present gastronomy in the most festive possible atmosphere.

The following trips visit Champagne:

Tour de France (3 weeks)
Visits Champagne and two other French regions — not scheduled in 2017

2 Weeks in France (2 weeks)
Visits Brittany, the Mont-St.-Michel, and Champagne

Mousse Head (2 weeks)
Visits Champagne + our Northern Europe route (Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany)

Champagne Pedal
follows this itinerary exclusively.
Departure dates and prices are in the table, below.

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Day-by-Day Itinerary:   Champagne

Day of the Week
Typical distances, in km
The trip will assemble tomorrow morning, but (unless you are coming in by overnight train), you will generally need to reach Paris on Sunday at the latest.  If you wish, we can book a nearby hotel for you:  see the trip’s Access Package for details.  The day is yours for discovering the secrets of the city.

Those not too jet-lagged can get together for dinner this evening, and size each other up.  One of us (probably your Trip Coordinator) will advise your possible dinner plans.  If you have landed in Europe today, start your battle with jet lag.  Don't sleep until tonight!

Half Baggage

Our trip assembles at Blue Marble’s office in central Paris, Monday at 9a.

The only one of our trips to cycle out of Paris, this one exits the city following a bike path along the Canal de l’Ourcq,
a once-industrial canal that exits the city to the northeast.  Past the Cité de la Musique and the Museum of Science at La Villette, and through the suburbs on a poplar-lined tow-path.  By afternoon you are passing through provincial towns and farm fields, which is something of a surprise, especially if you are from a sprawling city like Los Angeles or Sydney.

Meaux, our first goal, is home to giant wheels of Brie cheese, and to a imposing cathedral. Finish the day with a ride along the Marne to a rural village, our home for two nights.
45 - 65 k
The day is yours to explore town and countryside.  An ambitious triangular loop ride is on offer, across a plateau to the Ourcq valley, then downstream along the Ourcq, and home along the Marne.  But it can be shortened by cutting off triangle points, or by judicious use of local trains.

Stop in at the Romanesque churches that are centerpieces for every village and admire the flowerboxes which decorate the canal locks.  World War I memorials are everywhere:  life in this part of France is still marked by the “Great War” and its demographic aftermath.
40 - 85 k
Today we reach the vineyards in earnest, and the part of Champagne that everyone associates with the name.  Our route along the Marne carries us through Château-Thierry and to Epernay, one of the viticultural region’s twin capitals.  The ride is full of the sights and smells of the vineyards, cellar tastings are on offer at every farm, and a coupe can be had for the cost of a beer in any local bar.

The river drifts in and out of sight, châteaux crown the hills, and the villages are carved out of their sides, using the same stone.

Half Baggage
60 k
Use the morning to explore Epernay.  Visit the Moët cellars and walk down the Avenue de Champagne, admiring the wine makers’ mansions.

From Epernay, our bikes carry us through more vineyards, now the regions’s most prestigious. We cross the Montagne de Reims, and arrive in the eponimous city, Champagne’s other capital.  A ride that touches Champagne’s most prestigious wine villages, as well as an enchanted forest and a lumberjack house.

Half Baggage
45 k
The stunning Reims cathedral, champagne cellars (and their associated tastings), the vineyards and other curiosities of the Montagne de Reims, and the Holy Roman Empire’s roots compete for your attention today, all accompanied by the omnipresent bubbles.  Joan of Arc (was she Noah’s wife?) began a long tradition of crowning French Royalty here.  Ride a little, a lot, or just wander around one of France’s most historically important cities.

Half Baggage

The trip disbands at the end of the afternoon in Reims.

Guests continuing their trips with us, or those who subscribe to our “Access Package” will spend a second night in Reims.  Dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast are part of the picture.

55 or
90 k
Our Access Package includes the train back to Paris, whenever you want to make the trip.  If you are continuing along one of our other itineraries (Northern Europe is the most common), you should now crumple this one up then get the new one out of your sock bag.

Champagne Pedal — Facts & Figures
2018 Dates
Baggage Services Offered**
Difficulty of the Ride
July 23 - 27
$1,595 US
$1,995 C
1,175 €
Half, Daily


Technical riding at times, and some distance, but no mountains, and days are easy to shorten at will.

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