Meeting at the Gare de Bercy

The Gare de Bercy is located at 48 bis, Boulevard de Bercy, in the 14th arrondissement. The métro station is called “Bercy,” and is served by lines 6 & 14. 

Trips assemble next to a café / snack stand, currently called “Croq Voyage.” 
The café is immediately opposite tracks “T” and “U” (tracks at the Bercy station carry letters, not numbers). 

To get to the station from the métro

Leave the métro platform following blue sortie (exit) signs. 

  • If you were on line 6, exit via the end of the platform specifically signed for Gare de Bercy. Wehn you come above ground, the station access staircase is immediately across the street.
  • If you were on line 14, there is only one exit from the platform.  It will bring you to a mezzanine level.  From the mezzanine level, follow signs for Gare de Bercy.  You will now surface, and must walk a block along the Boulevard de Bercy (away from the river) to get to the station access staircase. 

The station access staircase is labled in large letters Gare de Paris Bercy.  You will see a logo for SNCF, the French national railway.  Go up the stairs/escalator.

Enter the station and find the rendez-vous point.  The rendez-vous point is located opposite the concourse from tracks “T” and “U,” near the café currently called “Croq Voyage.”  There are some standing tables, chairs, and benches nearby.  Enjoy a croissant or a coffee and have a seat while you wait :)