Reaching Our Paris Office, Making Sure We Are There
Comment Venir Chez Nous / Vous Assurer de Notre Présence

Our Paris Address / Notre adresse à Paris:

2, rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris
Téléphone:  +(33) (0)
Fax:  +(33) (0)
To dial France from abroad, dial the international access code:  00 from most countries, 011 from the US, Canada, and a very few others.  Then dial the country code (33), and finally our number, beginning with 1.
To dial from within France, dial 0, and then our number, beginning with 1.

Métro stations, in order of proximity / par ordre de proximité
- Etienne-Marcel (line 4), 100 m.
- Réaumur-Sebastopol (line 3, exit “rue St.-Denis”), 125 m..
- Châtelet/les-Halles (lines A, B, D, 1, 7, 11 & 14, exit “Rue de Rambuteau / Rue de Turbigo”), 150 m.

Neighborhood map / plan du quartier.


By Train from Charles de Gaulle & Orly Airports (with hints on coming from Beauvais)
If you are interested in the timing of your trip in from the airport, see our Timing Chart, below.
Follow the link if you would like us to arrange an airport shuttle for you.

From Paris’ 7 Railway Stations (and from the long-distance bus & coach terminal), Station by Station:

  • Gare d’Austerlitz
    Local (bike-carrying) trains from the Loire Valley, all trains from the Limousin and the Dordogne Valley (Souillac, Rocamadour), overnight trains from all points in France and Spain.
  • Gare de Bercy
    Overnight trains from Italy, many local trains to and from Burgundy (Auxerre, Dijon, Nevers...).
  • Gare de l’Est
    Trains from Alsace, Champagne, and eastern France in general; southern and central Germany, German and Italian-speaking Switzerland, Luxembourg.
  • Gare de Lyon
    Trains from southeastern France:  Lyon, the Alps, Burgundy, the Jura, Provence, the Côte d’Azur, the Cévennes, Longuedoc, Cataluña.  Daylight trains from Barcelona, Italy, and French-speaking Switzerland.
  • Gare Montparnasse
    Trains from southwestern France, Brittany, Chartres, Granville and the Channel Islands.  Daylight trains from Madrid and San Sebastian.  TGV services from the Loire Valley.
  • Gare du Nord
    Trains from Flanders, the Low Countries (Belgium, Holland), northern Germany, and England.
  • Gare St.-Lazare
    Trains from all points in Normandy except Granville (those come into Gare Montparnasse).
  • Gare Routière Gallieni
    All long-distance bus and coach services known to us.

Neighborhood Map

Arriving by Car

Driving into a pedestrian zone in the center of medieval Paris is not fun.   And the city does its best to discourage it, for obvious public welfare reasons.  But it is allowed, so you may do it if your mobility is limited, you have some other strong need, or are simply a glutton for punishment.   One warning:  we have yet to encounter a GPS that accurately reflects street direction in our neighborhood.

  • Approach from the east, via the rue Etienne-Marcel.
  • Turn right, onto the tiny rue Française.  Drive one short block to the end of this street.
    If you approach from the west on Etienne-Marcel, you may either make an illegal left turn onto rue Française, or continue 2 blocks forward, make the first legal left onto the Boulevard Sebastopol, first left again on rue de Turbigo, and then second (soft) right back onto Etienne-Marcel, so to make the turn onto rue Française legal.
  • Turn right onto rue Tiquetonne.  Drive one short block, counting on the left.
  • Make the first left turn, onto rue Dussoubs. 

Our office is between numbers 2 and 4, a glass-doored storefront, on the right immediately after you turn onto our street.

To continue to our closest local parking lot...
... back up to Tiquetonne.  Follow Tiquetonne for 1 block, and turn left on St.-Denis.

There is a secure, underground parking lot, on the left-hand side of the street, in the first block.  (There is no street parking in our neighborhood.)   We are around the block from this lot, without ever leaving the sidewalk. 

Taxis are allowed into the pedestrian zone to drop off or pick up.

“When Are You There?”
May 9 - October 20 / du 9 mai au 20 octobre
Paris Office Opening Hours (see below for off-season hours)
Horaires d’ouverture (voir plus bas pour nos conditions d’ouverture “basse saison”)

  • Monday - Friday / lundi - vendredi :  9:30a - 1p, 2:30p - 6:30p. 
  • Saturday / samedi :  9:30a to 1p. 
  • Closed on Sundays and legal French holidays.  Fermé le dimanche et les jours feriés.

In late spring, summer, and early autumn, we are often around at other times, and especially on the departure dates of our organized cycle trips:  earlier, later, through the lunch hour, on Saturday afternoons, Sundays....   

Even if you are not willing to pay our “Off Hours Appointment” charge, and if your date is close (so we have visibility on our schedules), ask if we are around when you want us to be.  If we are here anyway, you maybe able to make an appointment without additional charge, or at least offer to share its cost with the person who has already arranged to have one of us come in.... 

If you are travelling on one of our cycle trips, your travel plans require it, and one of us can be scheduled to be in the office for you (generally the case), there is no charge for a meeting at any time between 9a and 7p, Monday - Saturday.

October 21 - May 6 / du 21 octobre au 6 mai

In this, our “off season,” much of our work is outside the office, which can thus be unstaffed even during our regular working hours (our working hours don’t change — see above — but we do not guarantee to have the office staffed unless we know there is someone who needs us).  However, we offer free appointments during our working hours.

  • If you give us 48 hours’ notice, we make every effort to honor the time you request.  On shorter notice, please confirm the time before relying on it.
  • Appointments within our working hours are free, but the service must be pre-paid in order to make the appointment
  • Same-day appointments can be made without pre-payment.   Just call before you come in, to be sure we are there. 

Appointments are additionally available at other times, but an “Off-Hours Appointment” charge will apply.
Read the next section for details regarding making an appointment.

Appointments / Rendez-vous

At times when our office is not normally open, or not reliably staffed (our “Off Season”), you may make an appointment to come in.  We then guarantee our presence for you.

Appointments are free for certain services, and/or during our regular work day, above.  During hours when we are normally closed (our “Off Hours”) they imply a charge.  See “Off-Hours Appointments,” below, for details.

If you make an appointment, one of us will be at our office at the time agreed, and will wait either until closing time, or for 1 hour, whichever comes first.  If you have not arrived by then, we consider you to be a “no-show” (unless you have warned us of your delay), and get on with our lives.  If you manage to tell us you are late, and wish us to wait for you beyond our normal opening hours, and if we are able to do so (this service is not guaranteed unless you have “protected” your appointment — more on that below), a fee of 25€ / hour applies.

To Make an Appointment

We make every effort to schedule appointments at your preferred time if you give us at least 48 hours' notice. 
While we will try to find someone to come in for you on less notice, it may or may not be possible.  Normal cancellation and refund conditions apply if this leads you to cancel a service which you have previously booked.

Tell us by e.mail,, at what (precise) time you would like us to be in the office for you.  We will confirm to you, so that you know the appointment is set.

To make an appointment, the service for which you are coming in must be reserved and prepaid.  This will automatically be the case if you are on one of our cycle trips, or if you have rented one of our guest apartments.  Follow this link to see how to pre-pay other services, such as luggage storage.

If you are delayed, and wish us to wait for you, contact us somehow, at the latest by the time of your appointment.  If your new arrival time falls outside of our regular hours, it will carry an “Off-Hour Appointment” charge, and is subject to availability (unless the initial appointment was “protected” — see below). 

If your appointment is crucial (in the sense:  you will be placed in a difficult situation if you can’t get to us on time, and we then close before you can), we allow you to “protect” it. 

  • “Off-Hour [paid] Appointments” are protected automatically, without additional cost. 
  • If your appointment is during our normal hours (and thus carries no cost), and you have reason to think your travel plans are not reliable (this is the case for anyone arriving by plane late in our office day, or shortly before our lunch hour), you may “protect” it for a fee.

To see whether or not your appointment is protected, and how to protect it if not, please see “What is a Protected Appointment?” at the bottom of the page.  To time your appointment, you may consult sections on arriving by train, or arriving by plane, if either is your case.

Cancellation of a Free Appointment
If you cannot come in for an appointment you have made, we are grateful for your courtesy in canceling.

Cancellation may be by e.mail ( or by phone call to our Paris office, +33 1 4236 0234.

A free appointment to which you are a “no-show” (in other words, you do not cancel prior to the hour of the appointment) can only be rescheduled at a cost of 25€.  “Off-Hours Appointment” cancellations are charged as below.

Off Hours / Legal Holiday Appointments

If you need us to open just for you, outside of our normal opening hours, we can usually do so. 
The service is subject to availability, and a fee applies: 

  • 50€ in normal circumstances.
  • 100€ between the hours of midnight and 6:30a, any day of the week
  • 25€ if...
    - you are having us come in no more than an hour before our usual opening time,
    - you are having us stay no more than an hour past our usual closing time,
    An additional 25€ charge applies if you run late, and your actual arrival is more than an hour past our usual closing time.
    - you would like us to meet you during our midday pause,
    - you would like us to meet you on Saturday afternoon May - October, between 1p & 6:30p
    - your appointment coincides with another, previously-booked “off-hours” appointment, or
    - you would like an appointment on Ascension Thursday / jeudi de l'Ascension or on Whit Monday / lundi de la Pentecôte, between the hours of 9:30a and 6:30p.

The Off-Hours Appointment charge, as well as the cost of the service(s) being reserved, must be prepaid at the time of the reservation.  Without payment, no reservation is considered to have been made.
Other conditions for making an “Off-Hours Appointment” are the same as those for a regular appointment, above.

Cancellation of an Off Hours Appointment
You may cancel a pre-reserved Off Hours Appointment without charge, during our opening hours only, until 24 hours prior to the appointment (48 hours prior if the appointment is scheduled for Saturday after 12:30p, for Sunday, or for Monday prior to our normal opening; or if a legal French holiday falls on the day prior to your appointment). 

Cancellation may be by e.mail ( — an e.mail sent when we are closed is considered to be received when we next scheduled to be open) or by phone call to our Paris office (+33 1 4236 0234 — if you cancel by phone, be sure to obtain a cancellation code).

:  to obtain a full refund, an appointment for Friday evening would need to be canceled by close of business on Thursday.  A Sunday or a Monday early morning appointment would need to be canceled by close of business on Friday).

On shorter notice, but still prior to our last Paris office closing prior to your appointment, we rebate half of the charge, rounded up to the nearest whole €. 

If you do not cancel your Off-Hours Appointment, and simply do not show up, we will wait one hour after the time for which you made the appointment, then assume you are not coming, and go home, grumbling.  No refund is made in this case.

As a practical matter, this means that if your flight is delayed 6 hours, and you learn of the delay before takeoff, you should contact our Paris office (see top of page).   Ask us to reschedule your appointment, or at least tell us what you know about the situation.  If you phone, leave a message on the answering machine if no one is available to respond to your call. 

Your initial Off-Hours Appointment was automatically “protected” (see below to see what this means).  So we will accommodate any new request, and rebate half the cost of your initial appointment to thank you for your courtesy.  A new 50€ fee will be due if your new appointment is also outside our normal office hours, but at least you avoid paying us 25€ / hour to sit around and wait for you.  See also our note below regarding scheduling appointments off a flight.

Making an Appointment if you are Arriving by Train

We are no more than 30 minutes by métro from 6 of Paris’ main line railway stations (direct lines come to us from those 6).  You will very probably be able to reach us on time if you make your appointment for 30 minutes after your train’s scheduled arrival.
Allow 45 minutes to get to us from the Gare d’Austerlitz (the only main line station not on a direct métro line to our office), or if you are unfamiliar with the Paris métro (even in that last case, 30 minutes will do from the Gare du Nord or the Gare de l’Est).

Late trains are unusual in Europe, and we are also grateful for your environmentally-friendly travel choice.  So, provided you allow at least 45 minutes between your train’s scheduled arrival and our close of business (an hour if you are arriving at Gare d’Austerlitz), your appointment is protected without additional cost.  You may pay to protect a tighter schedule if you wish to do so:  see below.

As with all appointments, if you are delayed, and do not inform us of the delay, we will consider you to be a “no-show” an hour after the time of your appointment, or at the end of our usual work day, whichever comes first.  It is thus important that you call, ideally by the time of your appointment, but in all events by our closing time!  If you don’t have a mobile phone, borrow one from someone on the train, to let us know you are running late.  Then go to the bar car, get a glass of wine, sit back and relax, and enjoy the scenery for the rest of the trip.

Making an Appointment if you are Arriving by Plane

Precision in arrival time is not part of the package of air travel.  15 minutes late is considered “on time.”  Touch-down determines arrival time, even if you then roll around the tarmac for an hour, looking for a gate.  Connecting baggage misses its second flight one time in ten.   “Weather-related” delays happen on calm, sunny days.  Immigration can take 2 minutes... or 2 hours.  A taxi into Paris from Charles de Gaulle can take 25 minutes... or 2 hours.  The airport train takes a reliable 35 minutes... but it can take another 30 to buy the ticket!  If we are sitting here waiting for you, you are not the only victim of all this approximation for the illusion of speed.

So... here are some tips and some constraints regarding setting appointments if you are arriving by plane.

Guidelines for Choosing Your Appointment Time
In the table below, we have calculated the average (and normal range) of trip times into central Paris from Paris’ two airports, and also from the Beauvais airport, which pretends to be in Paris, but isn’t.  We suggest that you use the average values as minima in making your appointment.  As you can see, the “best case” scenario is closer to the average than is the “worst case.”

For example, we suggest that you allow 2 hours to get in from Charles de Gaulle.
If your flight is on time, the trip in from the airport goes smoothly, and you get here a few minutes early, you have time for a coffee at the corner café before we meet.  Not such a bad fate in Paris.  If things take a bit longer, you avoid an extra cost.

But if the prospect of paying 25€ to one of us to sit here for an extra hour doesn’t bother you, and the prospect of hanging out on the corner for 20 minutes does, feel free to schedule things more tightly.  We are not in loco parentis.

If you would like to allow for airline delays, add in another hour.  Then plan on a coffee and a croissant on our market street when you arrive, and before you come over to the store.  This makes sense especially if you are arriving in the morning for a rental apartment, and your apartment is unlikely to be ready for occupancy in any event.  What better to do with time in Paris than sit on a café terrace?

If you are timing your trip tightly, or arriving “off hours,” look at the section on “protected” appointments, below, to be sure you know what you must do if you are running late.

Timing Your Trip Into Paris from Any Airport
In what follows, we do not factor in airline delays.
If you are making an appointment, you must allow for these yourself, if you choose to do so (hint:  that would be wise).

Here are the components of the trip from your plane seat to our front door.  If there is only one figure, it represents a predictable average.  Where a broad range of values is regularly observed, that range is expressed immediately below the average, from fastest time routinely observed, to slowest, in minutes.  For instructions on making the trip into the city from each airport, see above.

  • The smaller number in the range represents the theoretical fastest time for the trip segment.  In addition to good luck, this overall timing assumes you know your way around each stage of the process at least a little bit (so, for instance, navigate métro signage with ease), walk at a good clip, know how to use your elbows, and aren’t carrying much luggage.
  • The larger number represents the slowest time encountered in normal circumstances.  “Normal circumstances” do not include terrorist threats, strikes, brimstone, etc.  Though they probably should, given the frequency with which these things occur.  Especially brimstone. 
    These times generally correspond to peak holiday or summer travel days, or to difficult weather conditions.  They are far from the norm, but they are often observed:  they probably correspond to travel conditions during 5 - 10% of the calendar year.
  • The figures for immigration apply only to arrivals from countries outside the Schengen group, since if you are coming from a Schengen country and have any sense, you should be on the train to begin with, even if that country is Norway.  Note that the United Kingdom and Ireland are the only EU countries not currently Schengen members.  There is no immigration delay for arrivals from countries within the Schengen group, but the baggage wait is typically 5 - 10 minutes longer (because you get to the carousel faster).


Times in Minutes at / from Each Airport

Journey Segment

Charles de Gaulle
Touchdown to
parking stand
10 minutes average
(range of 10 - 20 minutes)
10 minutes average
10 minutes average
Getting off the plane:  from your seat in “economy” to the immigration counters
(range of 5 - 30 minutes
— a bus transfer to the terminal is sometimes necessary)
(10 - 15)
(5 - 10)
Through Immigration
(2 - 30)
(2 - 45)
(2 - 10)
Collecting baggage
(if applicable)
(5 - 30)
(5 - 30)
(5 - 30)
Walking to the airport train (bus at Beauvais)
(8 - 20)
(5 - 10)
Purchasing your ticket for the airport train or bus
(5 - 30)
(5 - 15)
Average wait for next departing vehicle
(0 - 15)
(0 - 10)
(0 - 30)
Journey time to the city center
(32 - 40)
(28 - 40)
(60 - 120)
Connecting métro to us (Beauvais only)
(airport train is direct)
(airport train is direct)
Walk from the métro to our office


Charles de Gaulle
Average travel time in from the airport without luggage
1 hour 45 minutes
1 hour 40 minutes
2 hours 55 minutes
Average travel time in from the airport with luggage
2 hours
1 hour 50 minutes
3 hours 5 minutes
Observed range of normal travel times (rounded)
1'30" - 3'30"
1'15" - 3'
2'30" - 4'30"

What Does it Mean to Have a “Protected” Appointment?

If your appointment is “protected,” we promise to wait for you (or to come back for you, depending on the circumstances), in all cases, and at any hour, provided you tell us what is going on.

If we are to meet you at an alternate time, you must call or e.mail, ideally before the hour of your appointment.  In all cases, you must call before our closing time (if your appointment was a free appointment, scheduled during our normal office hours), or within an hour of your appointment time (if your appointment was a paid, “Off-Hours Appointment”).  Otherwise, you are considered to have canceled your appointment.

If your new arrival time falls outside of our normal opening hours (above), the cost of having us stay past closing for you is 25€ per indivisible hour after our normal close of business.  The cost to have us come back to the office for you is the cost of a new, “Off-Hours Appointment,” discussed in the “Off-Hours Appointments” section, above.

If we do not hear from you by our closing time (or within an hour of your appointment time if it was a paid, “Off-Hours Appointment”), we will assume you are a “no-show,” and leave.  Any consequences are yours to bear!   We hope you understand, but we cannot sit and wait for you all night without word, even if your appointment was “protected.”   Too many people simply change their plans, never arrive, and forget to tell us.  Had we waited, we would now be skeletons.

Even if you’re not carrying a phone, or a tablet (really?  isn’t it time?), or even a carrier pigeon, the guy next to you has one.  Offer him a coffee (or some bird feed) to let you use it.  Or go to your airline’s counter, and make your case.  Someone will help with the loan of a communication devise.

Is Your Appointment Protected?  If Not, How Do You Protect It?

Off-Hours [paid] Appointments ...are always protected, without additional cost.

Free Appointments (appointments during our normal opening hours)

If you are arriving by plane
, free appointments are protected without additional cost provided that the time between your flight’s arrival and our scheduled closing time is at least the maximum value from the observed range of normal travel times from your airport.  Example, 3 hours and 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle.
In this case, we consider that you have done what you reasonably could to ensure reliability.  While things could still go wrong, and do with unnerving regularity, we will cancel our soirée and eat our opera tickets to help.  It’s part of the job.

If the time between your flight’s arrival and our scheduled closing time that day is less than the maximum observed range of normal travel times in from your airport, you have two choices:
  1. Take Your Chances
    You like to gamble.  But you are considerate of others, and don’t want your risk-taking to impact those around you.  We thank you for that, and we will not block anyone’s evening (or lunch) for you.

    If you are delayed, feel free to call our Paris office to find out if someone is willing to wait (or return) for you.  The full “Off-Hours Appointment” charge will apply, if anyone is willing to wait.  But if we all have dinner engagements / theatre tickets / hot dates, well, you fully understand.  You will find a place to sleep at your own expense, with no refunds due by us for contracted services like nights in apartments, or train tickets for trains you can no longer catch.  We will be happy to see you in the morning, you’ll feel less stressed after a night’s sleep, and we will help you as we can with any alternate plans you may wish to set up.

  2. Pay Us to “Protect” the Appointment
    In this case, you make your appointment, presumably for the end of our workday, allowing at least the minimum value from the range of observed travel times from your arrival airport.  You then pay us 25€ to “protect” it (you, really) from the vagaries of airline travel.

    That means:  you pay 25€ for our guarantee that we will wait for you.  If you arrive no later than one hour after our closing time, nothing further is due.   But you don’t get your 25€ back, even if you arrive before our closing time.  If you arrive even later (that is, more than an hour after our closing time), you will pay an additional 25€ per indivisible hour of further waiting time to the person who is waiting for you (so, for example, if you arrive 1 hour and 5 minutes after our normal closing time, you will pay 25€ more).

    This may strike you as unfair, since you will pay us an extra 25€ even if, in the end, you arrive within our opening hours.  The rationale is that, given your arrival schedule, someone will have had to keep his evening open, regardless of when you actually arrive.  We bribe that person to do so.

    If you are badly delayed, you should re-schedule instead of having us wait, since it will save you money
    .  We will come back to the office for you whenever you arrive, even if that is 2a.  The initial 25€ was the charge to block one of us from making evening plans, an additional 50€ will be due for the new off-hours appointment.  But at least you will have a place to sleep / get your luggage back / whatever, and 50€ is cheaper than the 125€ you would have paid to have us just sit and wait for you for 6 hours.

If you are arriving by train, your free appointment is protected without cost, provided the train is scheduled to arrive at a central Paris station at least 45 minutes before our closing time (60 minutes before if the arrival station is the Gare d’Austerlitz).
If you wish to time things more tightly, we’re game:  you may choose either option (1) or option (2) from the plane section, above.

Who & Where Are We?