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People come from across the globe to visit Paris’ Disneyland.  Indeed, the clientele is perhaps the most interesting part of the experience.  Rub elbows with visitors from Jerusulem to Japan:  “Small World” indeed!  Crowds are lighter than they are in the American parks, the rides are fantastic, and they serve wine in the restaurants.

We offer a flexible, go-when-you-please package, using the fast and frequent train that runs to Disneyland from central Paris.  Total cost is less than the combined single purchase of train and standard tickets for park entry. 

5-day advance purchase is required, and tickets are date-specific.

Catch your train without having to spend an hour figuring it out, or waiting on line for a train ticket.  Go straight into the park without waiting on line.  After your visit, return to anywhere in the city.  All on whatever schedule you please:  trains operate every 15 minutes throughout the day. 

Our package includes...

  • Train to Disneyland from any point in Paris.
    Journey time from the city center is 30 - 45 minutes. 
    If you are starting from our central Paris office, or staying in one of our guest apartments, we provide detailed instructions for the walk to the train, just a few blocks away.
  • A step-by-step instruction sheet that explains how to find and ride the train, where to get off, and how to claim your ticket into the park(s).
  • Ticket for entry to one or both parks..
    - Our package assumes that you go do only one park, since this is usually enough for one day.  But if you are feeling ambitious, a “passport” good for both is available, as are multiple day tickets. 
    Tickets do not include entry to the park during special events such as the Hallowe’en party or the New Years Eve fireworks.
  • A train ticket back to Paris, including a connection via métro to your final destination within the city.


  • 72€ for adults, 58€ for children 4 - 11, 50€ for children age 3. 
    Children 2 and under are free (take ID). 
  • Add 11€ adult (9€ for children 3 - 11) for the second park. 
  • Add 51€ / adult, 44€ / child 3 - 11, for a second day (both parks are included). 
  • If an additional set of train tickets is desired, add 15€ / adult, 8€ / child 4 - 11.

To order the package, e.mail us (paris@bluemarble.org), call, or stop by our Paris office.  Here is where to find us.
Be sure to tell us...

  • ...the date of your visit.  These discount tickets are date-specific, and must be ordered at least 5 days in advance.
  • The number of tickets you would like.  Please specify how many are for adults, how many are for children 4 - 11, and how many are for 3-year-old children.
  • The number of days for each ticket.
  • The number of parks you would like to visit (1 or 2).

The package can be picked up in our Paris office, or sent to you by regular post at your risk, at no additional cost.  If you wish traceable delivery, please add 10€ to the total price.  Only the train tickets are sent through the post:  the park tickets are held for you at the park.

Cancellation Charges

Park tickets are not refundable once purchased, for any reason.  Unused rail tickets returned to us will be refunded as follows:  10€ / adult, 5€ / child. 

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