Paris Airport (and Rail Station) Transfers,
by Train, or by Road Shuttle

There are many ways to travel between Paris’ airports and the city:  multiple bus lines, taxi services, shuttles, and a train.  One of the last three will probably make the most sense, depending on your circumstances.  If you already know which one you are interested in, you may jump directly to purchase instructions, below, and linked from the titles.  Otherwise, discussions of each follow.
  • Airport Train:  economical, reliable, and flexible, but a challenge with a lot of luggage, and crowded during rush hour.
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  • Private Shuttle:  door-to-door.  Often as fast as the train, though not reliably so.  Easiest with luggage, children, or bicycles.  Marginally more expensive than a taxi.  (We do not recommend shared shuttles, which are notoriously slow and unreliable in Paris).
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  • Taxi:  the comfort — and rough cost — of the private shuttle, at a slightly lower cost.  Less reliable than the shuttle or especially the train (see below), but more flexible (no need to reserve in advance).  Cannot routinely accommodate a bicycle.  Some details: 
    - Taxi lines at the airport can easily reach 30 minutes, and we have waited up to an hour on busy days. 
    - Hailing a taxi in the city can take longer still, depending on the weather and the time of day.
    - Calling one usually works...  but it carries a 4€ extra cost, and there is always a risk that the dispatcher simply tell you “none available, call back.” 
    - Taxis can alternatively be pre-reserved:  the fixed cost to do so (7€, added to the fare).  Though,, if the car doesn’t show up, who do you argue with?  How’s your French?  And do you really have time?
    - Traffic can make the journey 25 minutes...  or 90. 
    The fixed cost for the trip from Charles de Gaulle to central Paris is 60€ or so (40€ from Orly).  A tip of approximately 10% is customary.

Paris Airport Train, Discussion
See below for purchase information.

The airport train is best for economy and reliability.  It is also the most flexible.

  • Service every 15 minutes or better, 5a - 12 midnight (every 20 minutes in July and August).
  • Trip time is 32 minutes from the city center, and varies little:  a badly delayed train might take 45.
  • It serves several stations across Paris
    - Gare du Nord (trains to northern France, England, Belgium, Holland, and northern Germany),
    - Châtelet - Les Halles (our office and guest apartments, and also the largest subway interchange point in the city, with 9 connecting lines),
    - St.-Michel and Luxembourg (which roughly bracket the Latin Quarter & St.-Germain)
    - Port-Royal, Denfert-Rochereau (connect for Montparnasse station) and Cité Universitaire, all on the left bank
  • Walk-up-and-go service.  No advance reservations or planning required.

    Its negatives are, or at least can be: 
  • Crowding. 
    The airport line is a funtioning urban railway, and rush hour services are crowded as they arrive and leave Paris. 
  • Crime. 
    With crowding comes the attendant scourge of pick-pocketing.  Tourists are particularly targeted by pick-pockets and property thieves of all sorts, and the airport train is a good place to find them (both the tourists, and the thieves).  There is virtually no violent crime, but you must keep an eye on your belongings, including your luggage.
  • Baggage. 
    While escalators, elevators, and extra wide entrances and exits are available, they are hard to find, and occasionally out of service.  Carrying baggage through the system, and storing it on board crowded trains, can be a challenge.  There are theoretical limits to the size of parcels that you can take aboard, but no one ever enforces them, so it’s really just a matter of how much stuff you can carry on stairs.
    If your destination is our building, for our office or one of our guest apartments, it is a 5-block walk (about 500 meters / yards, 7-minute walking time) from the station exit our instructions guide you to, to our front door.

It is not absolutely necessary to pre-purchase tickets for the airport train:  they can be purchased at the station where you board.  But pre-purchase has advantages.

  • It lets you avoid long lines at the airport rail station, and catch the next departing train.
    Since many foreign credit cards are bizarrely unable to operate the ticket machines, you generally have to fight your way to the ticket windows.  Skipping this step can save up to an hour in any sort of peak travel season.
  • With your tickets, we send a step-by-step sheet that explains how to find and ride the train.
    This should be a simple matter, n’est-ce pas?  Well, the train works fine once you figure it out.  But it is so much not a simple thing to figure out that a new, more user-friendly airport train is being built at a cost of a few billion euros.  You’d think that we could just re-do the signage, but apparently not.  Our instruction sheet takes you in either direction, to or from a variety of Paris locations:  rail stations, our office, hotels we commonly use... and our tickets include a connecting metro trip if one must be made to complete your journey.
  • Pre-purchase eliminates the need to exchange currency at userous airport rates prior to your arrival in the city center.
  • You avoid risks inherent in post-flight-stupor airport transactions (pickpockets and professional luggage fees, sleep-induced abandonment of personal belongings at ticket windows...).

Airport Train, Price and Purchase Information

We offer tickets between Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airports, on the one hand, and the city center on the other. 
Our tickets include a métro ride within Paris, so you can reach (or depart from) any point in the city without buying any further ticket.
We do not offer tickets to or from Beauvais Airport, a “low cost” hub an hour northwest of the city.

Cost is 13€ per ticket to or from Charles de Gaulle (children 11 & under:  8€), or 14€ / ticket to / from Orly (children = 9€).
A 1€ / ticket discount applies to tickets claimed in our office.

To order tickets, e.mail us ( from outside Europe, or from within Europe), or call.  If you are on one of our organized cycle trips, you may mark your request on your “Access Package” order sheet.
Be sure to tell us...

  • ...the number of tickets you would like,
  • ...from which airport, Orly or Charles de Gaulle, you would like tickets (most intercontinental flights arrive at Charles de Gaulle, but if you are coming from elsewhere, or if you change planes within Europe, your connection could bring you to either), and...
  • ...whether any travellers are children 5 - 11 years old.
  • ...the postal address to which you would like your tickets sent.

Tickets will be sent to you by regular post, at no additional cost.  The cost of the tickets themselves will be added to your account.  Unused tickets can be returned to us for a refund, less a 2€ service charge.

Road Shuttle Transfers, Discussion
See below for price and reservation information.

Road shuttles offer door-to-door convenience, and baggage carrying ability

  • If you are arriving in Paris, our shuttle driver will meet your flight (or train), help you with your luggage as soon as you exit customs (plane), and take you to the Paris location of your choice.
  • If you are leaving Paris, we make the Paris pick-up at your requested location, and deliver you to your airport (or station) at the time you request.
  • Waiting time is zero, or close to it.
  • We use drivers with proven reliability, clean cars, and some English language capability.  Our transfers are thus not the least expensive in the market.  But they actually happen, which, as you will discover if you research the issue, is not always the case.

  • ... you must reserve in advance, and cancellation penalties apply. 
  • If your flight is significantly delayed, the operator will try to re-schedule, without cost, or with only a small charge.  But if he cannot, you still pay for the missed transfer.
    This seems unfair to many travelers, but holding shuttle operators responsible for late planes is not possible.  The driver is paid by the hour.  If he waits 2 hours for you, someone must cover his salary, and it is unlikely that you will be able to get your airline to step up....
  • Travel time varies significantly with traffic conditions. 

Service is subject to availability at the time of the reservation (transfers are usually available with 48 hours’ notice).

Jump directly to reservation information.

Road Shuttle Transfers, Prices

Prices are for the transport of passengers with their luggage and / or cycles. 
For transport of luggage or cycles without accompanying passengers, see here.

Includes up to 3 passengers, 2 pieces of luggage per passenger.  Lap luggage can additionally be carried, without additional charge.

  • Between the city of Paris, right (north) bank of the Seine River, and Charles de Gaulle Airport; or between anywhere in the city of Paris, and Orly Airport:  87€.
    Our office, 2, rue Dussoubs, is on the right bank. 
    Add 20€ for a transfer between the left (south) bank of the Seine and Charles de Gaulle Airport, in either direction.
  • Between the city of Paris and Chessy / Marne-la-Vallée / Disneyland:  115€
  • Between the city of Paris and Beauvais airport:  169€
  • Within the city of Paris (for instance, from rail stations or hotels, to another location within the city of Paris):  69€
    Paris rail stations are Austerlitz, Montparnasse, St.-Lazare, Nord, Est, Lyon and Bercy.
  • Between the city of Paris and a suburban location, or between two Paris suburban locations (including Orly or Charles de Gaulle airports):  ask for a quote.
    Prices vary with distance.

- Add 20€ for a bicycle, either boxed or unboxed, or 30€ for two (maximum 2 cycles per transfer).  The same supplement applies to other comparable oversized pieces.
- Add 20€ for additional passengers up to 5 (maximum capacity for one shuttle, reduced by 1 for each bicycle).
- Add 25% (rounded to the nearest whole euro) for pick-up times between 10p and 5a.

Additional Charges Which May Apply:

Waiting time / no-show charges.

  • Regarding airport or rail station pick-ups:  if your incoming flight or train is delayed, your shuttle automatically adjusts to meet its arrival, if possible.  But that is an important caveat:  it may not be.  If the shuttle operator cannot reprogram his schedule to adjust to the delayed plane, you will still owe for the transfer, and will have to make alternate arrangements upon arrival.  This has happened twice in our history, in perhaps 500 inbound transfers.  So, the case is rare (and was the result of very badly-delayed planes).  But it is not unheard of. To be clear:  a delayed plane is the fault of the airline, not of the shuttle operator, nor of Blue Marble.  If you wish to get mad at someone, get mad at the airline.
  • Shuttles meeting intercontinental flights are scheduled to greet passengers one hour after touchdown, the average required to deplane, and to move through immigration, baggage claim, and customs.  If you wish to schedule a tighter pick-up, you may, but if the driver then waits for you for more than 30 minutes, additional minutes are invoiced at 1€ per minute.
  • No refund is due if you fail to meet your shuttle.


Blue Marble sub-contracts our shuttle transfers to licensed, insured, professional operators, chosen for proven reliability (not a small matter in this domain).  However, we act only as your agent in doing so.  We accept no responsibility for any aspect of the service provided.  Nor for any delay, loss, or accident to travellers or baggage occasioned by such services, from whatsoever cause.  In the event of unsatisfactory service, whether through our fault or the fault of our operator, we will nonetheless refund the charge paid in whole or in part, as appropriate.

Road Shuttle Transfers, Booking (Reservations)
Please tell us the following.  See above for discussion or prices.

  • The name by which you wish to be known to the driver (not necessary if pick-up is at our office).
    This name will be on the driver’s sign when he meets you.
  • Your flight or train information, including carrier code (flight only) and flight or train number (ex:  AF462 for Air France flight 462).
  • The vehicle’s exact arrival or departure schedule. 
  • If you are being picked up at a city location other than our office, the complete address of the location.
    Common landmarks, such as “Eiffel Tower” or “Gare de Lyon” are sufficient for drop-off, but not for pick-up.
  • Any special needs:  baby seats, booster seats, cycle transport, oversized luggage transport.
  • Please give us the phone number of a working cell phone that you will have with you.  Having a phone, and ideally a smartphone, is important for those arriving in Paris (or for those departing if your departure is early morning), as your shuttle driver sends an e.mail to confirm once he is in position to receive you.
    If you do not plan to carry a phone, we will give the shuttle driver our office phone number.  But this is obviously an unsatisfactory option if he can’t find you at the airport.  The most common cause of dissatisfaction with shuttle services is the inability of client and driver to find each other at the start of the transfer.  If you have a phone, you call the number on your confirmation (or the driver calls you), and the problem is solved. 
    If you do not have a phone at the time of booking, and later acquire one, it cannot be added to the reservation information (full disclosure:   it can be, but at a 20€ cost, as we have to cancel the booking and make a new one).  However, at least you will have the operator’s emergency number, and can call your driver if you do not find him.  
    If you do not intend to have a working cell phone, we suggest waiting in the taxi line, instead. 

If you are travelling to our Paris location, you may pay for your shuttle when you arrive.  If you are on one of our organized trips, or have an open account with us, the cost of the shuttle transfer can be added to your statement.  Otherwise, please send payment with your reservation, by any of our usual means.  You may pay on line, here

To Cancel a Shuttle Transfer...

... please inform both your designated shuttle operator (whose contact information you will have) and us, in writing, as soon as possible.  Be sure to supply your confirmation code, so that your booking can be correctly identified.

A refund, less 20€, is available until our close of business on the business day prior to your transfer.  After that point, the shuttle operator may still refund the bulk of your payment if he is able to re-schedule his driver in a timely manner.  However, no refund is contractually due.  It is for this reason that it is particularly important to inform the operator directly, in real time, and not to rely on us to relay your message.

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