Southern Cross - 3 weeks
France, Spain and a bit of Portugal (Loire Valley, the Basque Country & Galicia)

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At the time of the crusades, a Santiago pilgrimage was as meritorious as one to Jerusalem, and a heck of a lot safer.  Pilgrims, Europe’s first tourists, gathered in Paris’s Latin Quarter, where the Cluny Museum is decorated with the iconic scallop shell of Santiago’s patron Saint James.  They then beat a path from abbey to monastery, cathedral to convent, across France and Spain, and to magnificent Santiago.  Where they whooped it up for a while, and then went home.

Not much has changed.  Santiago is still a hopping town.  We loosely follow the historic trail, through the Loire Valley, the Pyrenees and the green lands of northern Spain, as we bike and train over roads still often travelled on foot.

En route are French castles, kings and cuisine; the beautiful beaches, green mountains, and lively nightlife of the Basque Country; the fresh wines and wild, undiscovered scenery of the Miño Valley....  A study in contrast of Europe’s best and least known.



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Days of the Week
Region Visited
1 - 7
See Access Package for options to reach Blois
Sa & Su
Blois, Chambord
Mo & Tu
Châteaux & Trogs
We - Fr
Tours, Chinon & the Villandry Gardens
Train to Basque Coast
8 - 15
Sa - Mo
The French Basque Country, Biarritz
Mo - We
The Pyrenees, San Sebastian
Th - Sa
Costa Vasca, Gernika
Train to Galicia

Sleeper berth provided on board

16 - 23
Su, Mo
  Monforte, the Rio Sil
Mo - Th
The Rio Miño
Fr & Sa
The Atlantic Coast
Sa & Su
Trip disbands on Sunday.
Sunday night included in the Access Package (in one place or another) to get you to a Monday flight or ongoing project.
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