Roman Roads of France & Italy

Roman Roads of France & Italy - 4 weeks
Tuscany and Southern France (Bordeaux & the Dordogne, the Cévennes, & Provence)


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Everybody’s dream:  biking in vineyards first planted by Romans, through soft hills, by Mediterranean shores.  The smell of lavender, lines of dark cypress on white limestone hills, almond and olive groves....

Communities organized 2,000 years ago still operate on their original city charters.  Battles fought in the 16th century prevent today’s marriages between adjoining valleys.  Arrow-straight roads laid out by legionnaires are now farm lanes and cycle paths.  Time lines are different in this part of the world.  Things here feel as if they have always been, and will always be.

We start with Tuscany:  Pisa, Siena, and the definition of a soft landscape everywhere between.  Olive groves, fortified hill towns, and hearty chiantis lead us to Florence, where the ghosts of the Medici accompany bikeless ramblings. . . .

An overnight train spirits us to another world:  southwestern France.  Limestone towns, tailored vineyards, and dotted with castles that are the relics of religious wars fought into the 18th century.  Today they watch over some of the most beautiful cycling in Europe, married to one of her great cuisines.

The journey becomes wilder and wilder as we cross the Massif Central, a zone so lightly populated that it is only a vague notion to the French themselves.  Roads designed by the Romans are still today our route, vestiges of an era that seems much closer in this part of the world than perhaps anywhee

On to Provence, where climate and terrain soften, tomatoes and rosemary appear in the sauces.  A kingdom once located between France and Italy, and which joined the former, reveals colors, styles (and politics) which we associate with the latter.

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Summary Trip Itinerary

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Days of the Week
Region Visited
1 - 8
Meet your trip in Libourne
Sa - Mo
Pomerol, St.-Emilion
Mo - We
The Dordogne Valley
We - Sa
Hilltowns, Cro-Magnon Caves of the Perigord
8 - 15
Sa & Su
The Upper Dordogne, Rocamadour
Su - Tu
The Lot Valley
Tu - Sa
Gorgeous Biking (yuk, yuk)
16 - 21
Su & Mo
Nimes & Arles
Mo & Tu
The Alpilles, Melons
We - Fr
The Luberon, Aix-en-Provence
  Train to Tuscany, along the shores of the Ligurian Sea.
Most of the day is given to a train ride along the Mediterranean.
Evening finds us in Pisa, in time for a visit of the famous tower....
22 - 28
Su - Tu
Pisa, San Gimignano, the Elsa Valley
Tu - Th
Siena, Colline Sienese
Fr & Sa
Chianti, to Florence
Our trip disbands on Saturday, upon arrival in Florence.
Access Package includes a Saturday night dinner and hotel, and Sunday ongoing travel.
Travel Date
For Access Package Subscribers

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May 5 - June 2

$6,595 US
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