Paris Mobile (Cell) Phone Use

Useful Tips Regarding the Phone
Don’t talk in the Quiet Car.  No, seriously...

To Load Credit to the Phone...

  • ...go to any tobacco shop, phone company store, newsstand, or other commerce selling “Orange” services.  The nearest to our office is 2 blocks away, to the right on rue Montorgueil, at the corner of rue St.-Sauveur. 
  • Purchase a recharge téléphonique Orange” in the amount desired.  You will receive a slip of paper in exchange.
  • Dial the number shown on the slip of paper:  224 (+ the “dial” button).  After an introduction in French, typically including an ad with background music and an excitable voice, a menu will be offered.  Type “2.” 
  • After another (shorter) ad, you will hear a tone:  this is your cue to enter the 14 figures on your slip of paper.  If you make an error, you may hit the # key to start over.  You cannot simply erase and re-type the erroneous number.
  • The new credit will be confirmed to you by SMS.
  • If you can’t be bothered with this, you can have us do it for a 2€ service fee.  But you must pay for the credit (and the fee) in cash. 

To Memorize a Number...

  • Press the bottom of the big central button, to come to the “Directory.”
  • Enter the name of the number you wish to record.
  • Enter the number.  If the number is within France, it is a 10-digit number beginning with a zero.

To dial a memorized number, push the bottom of the center button to get to the directory, then scroll to the number and hit the green “dial” button.

To Check Remaining Credit dial 221 and then push the green “dial” button.  Your remaining credit will be received by SMS (you will need to scroll through the message to see it).

To Retrieve and Manipulate Voice Messages

  • To retrieve:  dial 888 and then the green “dial” button.
  • To erase:  dial “3” while the message plays, or while the nice lady offers you your options (in French) afterwards.


Returning Your Phone

  • Phones should be returned to our Paris office.
  • If you are a traveller on one of our cycle trips, you may return it to your Trip Coordinator.
  • Phones can be returned by post.
    Rental charges continue to accrue until the phone is received.   Sending the phone by some sort of traceable mail is wise, and in your interest, but is not required.  You bear the risk if the phone is not received in our office.  Phones returned by post to our US office are subject to a 25€ shipping charge to cover the cost of sending them on to France.

Extending Your Rental Period
Rental periods may be extended by informing us of the extension at the latest on the business day prior to the end of the period for which the phone was reserved.

Phones returned late (after the last day of their rental period) without prior warning, are considered to start a new rental period on the date on which they were initially to be returned.

Rental periods may be shortened by simply informing us a minimum of one day prior to bringing the phone back in.  If you terminate the rental early without prior warning, one additional day is charged.

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