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Brittany’s Emerald Coast
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Our Brittany trip lives on the north coast – a unique part of France, unlike any other.  It is the vacation destination par excellence for the French themselves:  rare indeed is the Parisian family that never heads to Brittany for a weekend on the ocean, or to rent a vacation cottage.  Summer camps, waterfront hotels, seasonal boat exursions, beach clubs for the kids...  all are regular fare.

Pickett Family plus bikes in Brittany

And indeed, at the risk of a cliché, Brittany offers entertainment for the entire family.   Mini golf by the sea, dramatic maritime museums for the older members of the clan, ancient walled cities which speak their military pasts and provide excellent hide-and-seek settings, fortress castles and their resident knights and princesses, a world-class aquarium in St.-Malo, boat rides to islands, and endless traffic-free cycling for riders of all ages.

Beaches galore, lighthouses, and tidal pools filled with sea creatures complete the picture.  Good luck convincing your 8-year-old that the prawn she just scooped off the rock is a legitimate part of her dinner.  But the caramel crêpe (another local specialty) may go over better.

Brittany Coast at sunset

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Daily Itinerary:  Family-Friendly Brittany
Day of the Week
Typical distances, in km

A morning TGV (high-speed train) takes us from Paris to Guingamp, where we change to a branch line local to... Frynaudour.  To what?  Isn’t that a type of Danish meatball?   If you would like our help getting the tickets, see our Access Package.

In the afternoon, we cycle to the port city of Paimpol, our home for two nights.  Paimpol once hosted a deep-sea fishing fleet that plied the Grand Banks and the shoals off of Iceland.  Reminders of the era are omnipresent in nominclature and cuisine.  It remains an active port today, without the drama:  pleasure boats fill the inner harbor, freight and passenger services shuttle to the islands that dot the coast, a healthy coastal fishing fleet still operates, and it is home to some of the world’s most famous oyster beds.  Parents (and adventerous children) can sample the local production at dinner.

10 - 20 k

Across the peninsula to the Pointe de l’Arcouest, and then by ferry ride to an idyllic island where the widest road is too small for a car.  Use a bike to tool around the paths that crown the rugged coast, admire the lighthouse that protects the entry to the port of Paimpol, search for puffins (rare) and dodge the seagulls (ubiquitous).

Then on to Loguivy-sur-Mer, where you can watch lobster cages being made on the port and enjoy a crêpe by the water.  Finally back to Paimpol, for a quick plate of oysters before dinner.

20 - 40 k
Today is market day in Paimpol.  Stop to pick up some sea urchins for your picnic, and enjoy the bussle of a classic French scene (“people here eat that?!").  Then it’s off to the Prequ'ile Sauvage, the “wild peninsula” between the Trieux and Jaudy fjords.  We aren’t sure we understand what’s “wild” about artichoke fields and granite farmhouses covered in hydrangea, but no one has offered to let us rename the place.  Quiet riding to a dramatic point of  sand dunes and wild grasses, stretching far into the ocean.

The ambitious can continue to the Kerdalo Botanical Gardens, designed in a Romantic style by a Russian prince, and lovingly restored by his horticulturalist daughter.  A grotto, a pergola, a pagoda, waterfalls burbling down to the river... perfumed walks with views to the estuary and the cathedral town of Tréguier beyond.
40 k

Inland now, up the Trieux valley to Guingamp.  A chance to see another Brittany, of farms and fields.  Stop for a visit of the Château de la Roche-Jagu, a 15th century manor house with a dramatic view of the Trieux estuary below.  Continue to Pontrieux, a pretty town deep in the valley, home to remarkable flower-bedecked lavoirs (200-year-old wash houses).

An afternoon train carries us east, to the Rance Valley, and to Dinard, our home for the second half of our trip.  A 19th century resort of glorious villas and waterfront walks, views across the bay to St-Malo, and over the ocean.
20 - 55 k
Today we cycle the valley, on a rail-to-trail bike path that links Dinard with the regional capital of Dinan.  

Dinan is one of Brittany’s most beautiful cities, gathered inside its ramparts, and overlooking the valley.  Explore the castle, wander amongst the half-timbered houses, then stroll along the ramparts for a view out to the river. 

Home to Dinard for shell collecting on the beach before dinner.

30 - 60 k

Use your bike to tour the bay formed by the estuary.  Beaches and villas line your route, the customs foot path hugs the rocky coast.  Cross the Rance via one of the world's most impressive hydro-electric dams (and visit the power station to watch the turbines work). 

St.-Malo is the jewel of the bay.  Jacques Cartier’s fortified City of the Corsairs is a marvel on several levels, not the least of which is the re-construction that was necessary to bring it back to life after the 2nd World War (photos in the Cathedral offer a stirring before-‘n-after).  Marvel at the harmoneous blending of old and new inside the old city walls, visit the WWII museum and German bunkers in St.-Sevran.

A seawater swimming pool on the beach lets you spash around without the waves, or you can face them down like an Iceland fisherman of old.  Châteaux, mini-golf with a view, ocean cruises:  if you are really ambitious, you can ferry out to the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, for a day trip to another world.

Variable k
A ride across the polders to France’s most famous rock in the ocean.  The abbey sits proudly in the midst of the eponimous bay, at the border between Normandy and Brittany.  It has watched the world’s strongest tides run in and out for a thousand years.  Those who wish to carve out time for a visit this afternoon can shorten the ride with the judicious use of a train.

Our trip disbands upon arrival in Pontorson, the railway station for Mont St.-Michel, at the end of the afternoon.  Saturday evening trains to Paris are available as one Access Package option.

But those who have the time should spend the night on the Mont, which is a bit overun during the dayAn Access Package is on offer, including a hotel there, and a Sunday morning train to either Paris, or Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, for a post 4p flight.
40 - 70 k
Access Package:  the first morning train direct to the airport arrives Charles de Gaulle at 2p, compatible with a post-4p flight.  Or spend a night in Paris, and fly on Monday.

Brittany’s Emerald Coast — Facts & Figures
Baggage Services Offered**
Difficulty of the Ride
July 1 - 7

$2,195 US
$2,795 C
1,675 €
Lower prices apply to children:   see “Family Pricing,” below.

Anything, Easy to Difficult

Four riding days are “loops,” out and back to the same starting point.  They can easily be shortened or lengthened to suit your tastes, or even your mood on the morning of the ride.  The remainder are well-supported.  You can make all of them long and / or hilly, if that is what you are looking for....
* Prices in $ and € do not include precisely the same things.   Click here for details.

Family Pricing / Child Discounts
Age of Child
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Sharing Parents’ Room**
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$398 US / $498 C / 330€
Price* =
$650 US / $790 C / 520€
40% discount on the trip price
20% discount on the trip price
Not in Parents’ Room
40% reduction on trip price***
20% reduction on trip price***

* Prices for children 0 - 5 do not include rental bike equipment. 
Child seats, trailers, and tagalong bikes are available at additional cost, or you may supply your own.

** With separate bed (crib or “pack-and-play” for children 2 and under).

***The trip’s Private Single Room charge will apply if a child requires a single room, but single rooms for children are discounted by 25% (they may be small rooms, or independent rooms in a suite with the parent’s room).
Children 5 and under occupying their own room are garanteed to be in a suite with their parents, or in an adjacent room, ideally with a communicating door.
Children 6 - 11 are garanteed to be in a room on the same floor of the hotel as the parents’ room, and every effort is made to keep the two rooms in close proximity.


  • Triple rooms used by 3 children may be twin rooms with an extra bed.

  • Quad parent-and-child “family” rooms cannot be guaranteed, as not all hotels have them, and certainly not in sufficient quantity for multiple families.  When available, they will typically be rooms with one double bed and two single beds.  If you are two parents travelling with two children over 2 years old, you may request such a room when you sign up for the trip.  But you must be willing to accept the alternate (and less discounted) solution of two separate-but-proximate rooms.  If a quad can be assigned at some stops and not others, the additional discount will be pro-rated.  Available quads will be assigned in order of trip sign-up.

  • Child discounts are not cumulable with any other commercial discount, such as “student” or “group” discounts, or discounts accorded to the Founders of Guest-Initiated Trips.  In all cases, the larger discount will be used.

Prices of Optional Extras (links lead to explanations)
$ prices include
the bike.
See here for information on bringing your own.
** At least 4 riders must subscribe to a given baggage service for it to operate.  The services listed are those currently offered on the departure in question.  Services which appear in bold already have at least 3 subscribers (so, one more would ensure their operation).
100 €
280 €
150 €

Reaching & Leaving Your Trip:  General Information on Access Packages
Specific information on reaching your trip’s start in... Frynaudour
Specific information on departing from your trip’s end... Pontorson (Mont-St.-Michel)