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You may also jump directly to the Booking Form / passer directement au formulaire de réservation (but we suggest you read this first).

Included in The Cost

  • Furnished apartment rental, from 4p on day of arrival to 12n on day of departure.
    See also information on check-in, below: earlier occupancy and / or later departure may be available at no additional charge.
  • All utilities.
  • Use of linens (towels & sheets).
  • Cleaning of apartment prior to check-in.
  • All taxes.

The apartment is cleaned before the arrival of each new guest.

There is no security deposit, but renters are nonetheless responsible for damage and breakage.

Not Included in the Rental Cost

  • Laundry service.  Though the studios are supplied with clean sheets and towels, you must either wash them upon departure, or pay us to do so.  If, upon check-out, you do not wish to wash the linens you used (or if an early departure prevents you from doing so), information on our linen washing service is offered below.
  • Maid service.  This can be arranged if desired (a weekly passage, for example, costs 50 €).  We also clean the apartment before the arrival of each guest, so no “heavy cleaning” is required upon check-out (see “check-out,” below, for details).
  • Groceries / household goods.  Please ponder this, to be sure you understand what it means.  You are renting an apartment.  If a light bulb burns out, or you run out of paper towels, you purchase the replacements yourself, just as you would at home.  Don’t worry, if you fail to do so, we do not come after your non-existant security deposit to charge you for a replacement light bulb.  And indeed, as a friendly gesture, you will find a “starter stock” of household goods available to you when you arrive:  things like paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, cooking oils, trash bags... so that your apartment is fully functional when you walk in.  But we do not include renewable supplies of groceries and other household goods in our rental prices, which depend on our guests approximately replacing what they use, in value if not in kind.
  • Phone service.  The apartments do not have “land” phone lines.
  • Cancellation protection.  Apartments can rarely be re-rented at the last minute, so cancellation conditions are necessarily severe.  If you fear your plans may change, please consider a Cancellation Waiver, discussed below, which will protect the bulk of your payments.  Or subscribe your own (more comprehensive) travel insurance.
  • Bicycle storage.  As we are a cycle trip outfitter, many cyclists stay with us.  We can store cycles downstairs in our garage, for a cost.  Or you may park cycles in an outside (unsecured) street lot, opposite our front door, for free.  Unboxed cycles may not, however, be carried into the apartments.  The stairs suffer paint gouges and grease stains, the hygene of the apartments is compromised, and the floor space is not adequate.  We apologize, and hope for your understanding.

Reservation and Payment

  1. To reserve an apartment, two things are required:  a booking form / formulaire de réservation and payment (see next point, 2, below).
    Space is only considered to be reserved upon receipt of both of these things.
    The booking form may be sent as a scanned document, as a .pdf, a .tiff, by fax, or by post.  We cannot read other formats, and in particular .doc documents.
    We reserve the right to refuse any booking, for any reason.  However, we will not cancel a booking once a deposit has been accepted.

  2. Payment can be made by any of our usual methods: 
    - Credit card, via our secure, on-line payment page (credit cards are debited directly in €uros)
    - Check / cheque, in either €uros or $, US or Canadian (see next point, 3, below)
    - Wire transfer
    35 or more days from the start of the rental, a deposit of 50% of the total rental cost (rounded to the nearest euro) is required to make a booking.
    Within 35 days of the rental start date, full payment is required in order to make a booking.

  3. If you prefer to make your payment in US or Canadian dollars, you may do so by check / cheque. 
    Checks should be made to the order of Blue Marble Travel, and posted to our US address if in dollars, to our French address if in €uros.
    - To pay with a $ check, convert the €uro amount you wish to send us using this currency converter
    - Add 2% to the total, to cover the costs of currency conversion (this will generally be less than a dollar-denominated credit card will charge for currency conversion). 
    - Round the result to the nearest whole euro. 

    We consider the apartment to be reserved from the date on which you tell us you posted the check / cheque.  So long as the post mark on the envelope then corresponds to that (or the following) date, the apartment is yours.
    There is a $50 fee for any returned check / cheque.

  4. If a partial payment has been made at the time of the reservation, the balance of the rental payment is due 30 days prior to rental start date.
    If the balance is not received 30 days prior to rental start date, the renter is considered to have cancelled the reservation 29 days prior the rental start date.  This is unfortunate, and makes the renter cross, because the funds already paid are not refundable in this case.  Please be sure to make your final payment promptly!

  5. Prices are subject to change without notice.  However, once you have paid in full for your apartment, you will not be suject to any subsequent price change.

Incidental (Optional) Charges

Any amounts due by the renter for breakage or damage, or the optional check-out linen washing service can be calculated upon check-out if this takes place during our business hours.


Check-in takes place at our Paris office (2, rue Dussoubs, the ground floor of the building where the apartments are located) during our office opening hours.  An appointment is advised during our “off-season” (mid-October - early May).  See this page for details on making appointments.

If the apartment has been occupied the previous evening, cleaning service will be scheduled between noon and 4p on the arrival day.  In this case, the apartment may not be ready for occupancy until 4p.  However, check-in (dropping luggage, claiming the keys) can take place at any time during our office opening hours.  Luggage storage in our downstairs office is free on check-in and check-out dates.

Saturday Check-In
We are not regularly open on Saturday afternoons.  Guests arriving on Saturdays may thus find it necessary to check in before 12:30p (even though the apartment is not guaranteed ready for occupancy until 4p), in order to avoid an “Off-Hours Check-In” charge (see next term).  When this is the case, we will give you the keys, show you the apartment, and you mayleave your luggage, even though you may have to wait for cleaning and prepartion to be completed before you can occupy it.

Off-Hours Check-In (if required):
If our Paris Office Opening Hours are not convenient, it is possible to schedule check-in at an alternate time.  An off-hours check-in charge applies (generally 50€, but follow the link for details:  lower charges apply in some circumstances).

  • Availability of this service is only guaranteed once it has been confirmed by us.  If your booking is contingent upon it, be sure to ask before you commit!  Giving us at least 2 business days’ advance notice of your wish for an off-hours check-in strongly improves the probability that we will be able to arrange it.
  • If you are arriving by plane, and your flight is delayed by 3 hours, having us wait for you at 25€ / hour can quickly get expensive... we suggest that you not time things too tightly in making your appointment.
Checking Over the Apartment
Please look over the apartment upon check-in, much as you would inspect a rental car you are about to drive off the lot, and point out any obvious damage.

Broken furniture, torn sheets or towels, damaged kitchenware, plumbing problems, broken light fixtures... are not the way we intend to receive you!  Indeed, these are things we consider “damage,” and charge for.  We ourselves check the place during cleaning, and believe that we are giving it to you in good condition.  If you notice something amiss, this is the time to bring it up, so that we charge the previous renter, and not you!

Blue Marble is not an airline.  It is a group of humans, who are reasonable people.  If you notice that a chair is broken only on your second day, and call our attention to it then, we will be understanding.  However, we try to keep our rental charges reasonable, and they do not include replacing the glassware or buying a new bedside table after each guest’s visit.  So we ask that you repair, replace or pay for the things you damage, just as you would at home....

Access During Your Stay

We have occasional local renters, relatives or friends of people who live in our urban village but do not have guest rooms to host their loved ones.  They may ask to see the apartments as a prelude to renting. 

We try to schedule any such visits so as to not inportune our guests in any way.   In keeping with this, they are programmed between 11a and 3p, and you are told of any “showing” at least one day prior.  These times are chosen because they correspond to hours when our guests are generally “out on the town.”  Any visit at any other time is only conducted with your prior approval (and you are absolutely free to refuse).

If these hours don’t suit you, please tell us at least a day prior to your arrival, and propose any alternate 3-hour band you please.  We will respect your wishes absolutely.  We must ask that you allow us to show the place as a condition of rental, but we will make every effort to do so in a manner which minimizes nuisance to you.  Visits are very rare:  they happen no more than a few times per year.  So the chances of one taking place during your stay are limited.  However, we must preserve the possibility. 

Additionally, we reserve the right to enter the apartment in the event of a plumbing incident, fire, or any other event that we fear could cause damage to the building in the absence of a quick reaction. 

We will not enter the apartments in your absence for any other reason, without your explicit permission.

  • You are requested to check out by 12n on the day of your departure.
    By prior arrangement (at the latest the day before), and if the apartment is not receiving new guests the same day, an afternoon check-out is possible.  There is no extra charge for this, when available.  If you are checking out on a day when our downstairs office is open, we can hold your baggage for you without charge for the rest of the day.
  • If check-out takes place between 9:30a and 12n Monday - Saturday (except legal French holidays), you may request that a Blue Marble come upstairs, check the place over with you present, and claim the keys.  This insures secure transmission of said keys, and face-to-face discussion of any damage and resulting charges.
    Monday through Friday (except legal French holidays), it may be possible to arrange for this free service during the afternoon if an afternoon check-out is available.
  • If check-out takes place during hours when no Blue Marble employee can be present in the apartment, the renter accepts that Blue Marble Travel becomes solely responsible for determining damage, if any, and agrees to pay Blue Marble Travel’s determination of same.
    In general, warning us of damage will produce a more sympathetic calculation of its cost than if we hear about it from a grouchy next guest.  It is worth noting that only once, in over 1,000 rentals, have we felt it necessary to inoice for damages about which we had not been informed.

Check-Out Linen Washing Service
While we do not apply a cleaning fee, we do ask that our guests wash, and hang dry, the towels and linens that they have used during their stays.

Should your travel schedule prevent you from washing your linens and towels prior to departure (or should you simply prefer exploring Paris to staring at pillow cases spinning around), we offer a linen laundering service.  The cost of the service is 25€, plus 10€ for each additional machine load.  One set of sheets and towels = one machine load.

Soleil and Petit Nuage have washing machines, but courtesy to our neighbors dictates that they not be used before 8a (nor after 10p).  Citron does not have a washing machine.  There is an automatic laundry less than a block from our building, and which opens at 7a daily. 

If you are washing your own linens, you must allow 80 minutes per load.  The machines can only handle one set of sheets / towels per load, and they are slow, though thorough.  If you have only one load, it is not necessary to machine dry:  though none of the apartments have clothes dryers, they all have drying racks.  Carefully hanging the sheets and towels to air dry (such that we need only to fold and put away) is sufficient.  However, leaving them wet in the washing machine is not:  in order to avoid the linen charge, the sheets and towels you leave must be usable by the next guest with only folding by us. 

If you have more than one load, there will not be room on the drying racks for all your linens.  In that case, you can dry the first load at the automatic laundry while the second load runs in the apartment machine.

If you wish to subscribe to our Linen Washing Service, please inform us prior to check-out, and leave linens and towels to be washed in a pile on the floor of your apartment.  We request that this service be prepaid.

A cleaning service will visit the apartment prior to the arrival of our next guests, so there is no requirement that you dust, vacuum, or do any “heavy” cleaning, other than for your own comfort during your stay.

This maid service does not, however, include the washing and storing of kitchen articles (pots and pans, plates, cutlery, etc.).  In addition, the cleaners may not come for some days after your departure if no new guest is scheduled to occupy the apartment.  So, we ask that you do the following upon departure:

  • Throw away any perishable goods, including those in the refrigerator.
  • Carefully wash and put away any pots, pans, cutlery, dishes....
  • Empty all trash receptacles, and take the trash out.

If you are unable to do these things, please tell us so, and we will send someone to do them for you on your departure day.  In this case, a supplementary cleaning charge of 25 € will apply, not to be confused with the separate, 25€ linen washing service.

If you are subscribing to our check-out linen service (above), please leave all sheets, towels, bathmats...  that need washing in a pile on the floor of your apartment. 

If you prefer to do the linen washing yourselves, we rely on you to wash, and set out to dry, all linens and towels, including the kitchen dishtowel, the WC hand towel, and the bathmat.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations are effective when received in writing, in our Paris office.  They may be sent by e.mail, fax, or post (addresses are here).  The renter, or the person who paid for the rental (if not the same) are the only people who may cancel a booking.

Date changes are considered cancellations plus re-bookings, though the cancellation terms may be relaxed on a case-by-case basis, if your previously booked dates can be re-rented.
- If received during our normal business hours, cancellations are effective on the date on which they are received.  If received after our normal business hours, they are considered to be received on the date of the next normal business hours.
- If you have also rented a discount cell phone, it is automatically considered canceled at the same time. 

The following cancellation terms apply for bookings made directly through Blue Marble Travel. 
Bookings made via intermediaries apply the cancellation terms specified by the intermediary.

  • If cancellation is received 60 or more days prior to the first rental date, the total rental cost is refundable, less an administrative fee of 50€.
  • If cancellation is received between 59 and 30 days prior to the first rental date, 50% of the total rental cost is refundable.
    If full payment for the rental is not received at least 30 days prior to the first rental date, the rental is automatically considered to have cancelled 29 days prior to the first rental date.
  • If cancellation is received between 29 and 8 days prior to the first rental date, 25% of the total rental cost is refundable.
  • If cancellation is received between 7 and 2 days prior to the first rental date, 10% of the total rental cost is refundable.
  • No refund is made if cancellation is not received at least 2 days prior to the first rental date.

The following “Cancellation Waiver” is available at additional cost, providing more favorable refund terms. 

Cancellation Waiver

Costs an additional 10% of the rental total, rounded to the nearest whole €uro.  The cancellation waiver may only be subscribed (and must be paid in full) at the time the reservation is made.  The cancellation waiver refunds rental costs in the event of a cancellation, less the following amounts:

  • 30 or more days prior to first rental date:  50 €
  • 29 - 3 days prior to first rental date:  50 € + 5% of rental total
  • Within 2 days of the rental start date:  50 € + 10% of rental total

If the renter does not formally cancel, and does not arrive on the first date of the rental, rent is due at the “daily” rate for that date and the following day (2 days, total), and the apartment is held open for those two days.  If the cancellation waiver has been subscribed, the remaining total of the initial rental cost will be refunded, less an amount equal to 50€ + 10% of that remaining total.

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