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Linen Washing Service Upon Check-Out
(25€ if one bed used, 10€ per additional bed).
Airport Transfer
We offer tickets for the train from either airport (CDG or Orly), or to reserve a road shuttle.  Follow the link for details. 
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“I have carefully read the Blue Marble ‘Terms and Conditions’ pertaining to Blue Marble's rental property, and especially provisions concerning check-in, check-out, linen washing, payment, cancellation, and refund.  I understand and accept these terms and conditions.”  Our goal here is to make sure you understand what you are doing, not to trick you into sending your first born into indentured servitude. 

No application can be accepted unless accompanied by deposit or full payment, as appropriate.  Niether availability nor price can be guaranteed until form and payment have been received by one our offices.

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In order to get the charge approved, call the number on the back of your credit card, ask to speak to the “fraud prevention department,” and have the charge approved.  Then attempt it a second time, with the bank representative on line, and it will be accepted. 
Note that your bank may initially blame our bank, saying something like “we didn't refuse anything, they did,” often in a petulant tone.  This is silly.  No bank, in the history of banking, has ever refused to accept money.  But many have refused to give it up....  If you tell your bank that its fraud department left you a voice message, to which you are responding, the person you are speaking with will take you seriously, and connect you to someone who knows his / her job. 

Sorry, it’s not us, it’s the banksters.