Meeting Your Trip in PARIS
on your way to Champagne
— 2018

This page offers help (concrete or informational) on reaching your trip.  Topics include...

  1. Where you join your trip (see immediately below)
  2. Our Paris lodging options, should you be in Paris the night before the trip start.
  3. Suggestions on how to time your trip to the trip, whether you are having us arrange your travel, or doing it yourself.
  4. Service information regarding train travel to your trip start location.

If you wish to arrange some or all of your travel through us, please tell us what by means of this response questionnaire, designed to collect all the information we need to be able to book your travel.

1. WHERE and WHEN Do You Join Your Trip?
Your trip departs from Paris on Monday morning.  We assemble at our Paris office between 9 and 10a on trip departure morning.

We will send you details on reaching our office from the appropriate airport or rail station (or from one of our usual hotels) if you tell us by what means you are arriving in Paris..

2. Our Paris Lodging Options
Should you wish a hotel in Paris on Sunday night, so to be in place for the trip start Monday morning, we can book one for you in the neighborhood of the office.  Follow this link for options. 
There is a good chance that the trip’s Coordinator will try to rally those in our usual neighborhood hotel for a dinner get-together on Sunday night, but you will see all the same people the next morning, so there’s no obligation to join in.

Our usual Paris hotel is a centrally-located 2*, within walking distance of the Pompidou Center, Notre Dame, the Marais, and our office (where the trip meets).  It offers excellent métro access:  the ease of moving about town is key to enjoying a short visit.  But it is a simple place, reflecting prices that are low for central Paris.

More upscale hotels are available, if desired (we also have less expensive ones, and guest apartments for stays of 3 or more nights).

Our London “Access Package” offers a train from London to Paris.  The first Monday morning Eurostar from London arrives Paris in time to join the trip.  But its London departure is an unpleasant 5:40a, and the next one comes in too late to bike out with the group.

Options Offered at an Extra Cost (subject to availability)
For a general discussion of train upgrades, see here.  Topics include the relative comfort of 1st versus 2nd class, and different types of accommodation available on overnight trains.

  • Tickets from London.  79€ if you are also purchasing tickets back to London, 109€ if not, or if you prefer a changeable return (in 1st cl., add 119€ or 159€; 1st class tickets include meal service).
  • If frequent flyer tickets bring you to another Euro capital, know that Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva and London’s Gatwick Airport are all within 4 hours of Paris by train.  These airports are linked to their city-center rail stations by direct shuttle train (the Amsterdam - Paris train actually stops at Amsterdam’s airport).  We are generally able to get discount tickets on these routes.
    Getting from London-Heathrow airport to the St. Pancras terminus of the “Eurostar,” for the train to Paris, can be done on the Underground’s Piccadilly Line, direct, but it is a longer trip than from Gatwick.
  • Paris airport train tickets, from Charles de Gaulle or Orly to Paris center.  Follow this link for details.

3. TIMING Your Trip
You will not have time to visit Paris on Monday morning.  It’s “on the bike and GO!”  Allow for Paris tourism in the days prior to the trip start, or after your bike trip.

4. Service Information
Schedules are approximate – exact timetables can be consulted at
Best trains are mentioned.  Others are slower or have multiple connections.

  • From London.  Trains are roughly hourly.  The Eurostar is marketed like a plane:  very different prices for different passengers occupying the same seats.  Typically, chances of obtaining discount fares are greater with early booking.

If you wish to arrange some or all of your travel through us, please tell us what by means of this response questionnaire, designed to collect all the information we need to be able to book your travel.

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