Leaving Your Trip in VOSS

This page offers help (concrete or informational) on leaving your trip. Topics include...

  1. Where you Leave Your Trip (see immediately below)
  2. Our “Access Packages,” designed to help you to do so.
  3. Suggestions on how to time your ongoing travel, whether you are having us arrange it, or doing it yourself.
  4. Service information regarding train travel from your trip end location.
  5. Suggested post-trip visits, especially when these are not geographically obvious, but are rendered economical and convenient by direct rail connections.
  6. Hopefully helpful hints for those setting up their own travel from the trip.

If you wish to arrange some or all of your travel through us, please tell us what by means of this response questionnaire, designed to collect all the information we need to be able to book your travel.

1.  WHERE and WHEN Do You Leave Your Trip?

Your trip disbands upon arrival in Voss, at 1p on Sunday.  As a practical matter, this means that you can reach the Bergen airport in late afternoon, or downtown Oslo by early evening (but the Oslo airport too late for most ongoing flights).  Our Access Package proposes instead an afternoon visit of Bergen, and an overnight “Hotel Train” to Oslo for an arrival early on Monday morning.  This gives you a half day in Norway’s second city at modest cost, and an interesting vehicle to get you to Oslo early enough for almost any Monday flight.

If you wish to arrange your own ongoing travel (in other words, you do not want to set up any ongoing travel arrangements through us), a couple of hints regarding ongoing travel are offered at the bottom of this page. Otherwise...

as of January 15, 2018

Our “Access Package” takes you into Bergen for an interesting afternoon in one of Europe’s oldest cities, and then offers a berth on the overnight “Hotel Train” to Oslo, in a 2-person sleeping car cabin with ensuite shower and WC (upgrades to private cabins available).

Base (Starting) Access Package Price:  1,380 NoK, based on double occupancy.
To see what this means in your currency, look here: http://www.bluemarble.org/CurrencyConv.html

Package is not refundable or changeable once ordered.  More flexible conditions are available at extra cost, if desired (see below).
Availability is usually good until until about 45 days prior to trip start (order received by us), and space may be available at this price on less notice.  But the fares used for this package are capacity-controlled, and the Hotel Train can fill at any time (or offer space only at full fare, which is substantially higher).   If the Hotel Train is only offering a higher price when you make your request, we will confirm that you are willing to pay it before booking.


  • Train from Voss to Bergen.
  • Our “Route Guide to Bergen,” to help you navigate the city in the afternoon given to you.
  • A berth on the overnight Hotel Train from Bergen to Oslo.  Private double cabin.
    Until 30 days prior to trip departure, single berths in shared, single-sex double cabins are available to those willing to share with another Blue Marble on the same train:  +195 NoK.  If no other Marble is available with whom to share, we provide a single cabin at no (further) additional cost.  Guaranteed private single cabins are also available:  see extra cost options, below.
    Downtown Oslo arrival is at 6:30a, you can be at the main airport by 7:30a.
  • All taxes, booking charges, baggage charges.
    In other words, no surprise extra fees.

If you would additionally like an Oslo hotel, our options are below.

Options Offered at an Extra Cost (subject to availability)
Prices are in addition to the “Base” Access Package Price. 

  • Upgrade to private single cabin on overnight train from Bergen to Oslo:  +540 NoK.
  • Changeable / refundable package.  Add 690 NoK.
  • Hotel in Oslo. We offer two hotels in expensive Oslo:  a pleasant pension (2* in our vernacular), modestly-priced by local standards, on the edge of the city center but walking distance to most sights; or a business quality hotel in the center of the commercial district. 
    Prices vary with room size and type, but range from 700 NoK (600 for a room with a hall shower / WC) to 1,550 NoK / single, 900 to 1,900 NoK for two people sharing a twin.  All prices are inclusive of our hotel advice-and/or-booking charge.  
  • Connecting train to other points.
    - Gardermoen (Oslo’s main airport):  + 90 NoK.
    - Stockholm or Copenhagen:  +988 NoK 2nd cl. (+699 NoK discount rate). 
    1st cl upgrade, available to Stockholm only:  +320 NoK.
    - Berlin:  +1,250 NoK 2nd class, + 1,495 NoK 1st class (discount rate).
    - All points south:  overnight trains available via connections in Hamburg:  1,495 NoK to any destination in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Benelux countries, Milan or Barcelona (1,895 NoK through to London via Brussels).  Stopover charge = 390 NoK per stopover.
    Price includes a couchette on board, sleeping car upgrades available.

    Alternate Arrangements, in lieu of our usual packages (subject to availability)
    Prices are complete (in other words, they are not in addition to the “Base” Access Package Price)

    • If you are not interested in visiting Bergen (which might be an error:  it is an interesting place), you can instead travel directly to Oslo via an afternoon train from Voss, departing 4p, arriving 10p. 
      Cost is 420 NoK 2nd class, 510 NoK “Comfort” service.
      “Comfort Service” is not really 1st class.  It is a special car which, as far as we can tell, offers a thermos of coffee and an electrical outlet as its only supplementary comfort.  But we could be wrong, and regardless, it may be less crowded....
    • Train to Bergen, without any ongoing train to Oslo:  295 NoK.

    3.  TIMING Your Trip

    We recommend a visit to Bergen, and plan for it in our “Access Package” arrangement, but it is a small town, and can be toured in an afternoon.

    4.  Service Information
    Schedules are approximate – exact timetables can be consulted at http://www.raileurope.com/index.html
    Best trains are mentioned. Others are slower or have multiple connections.

    For ongoing travel from Oslo.

    • To Stockholm.  Travel time is 5 hours, trains run at 6a and 2p.
      These schedules are subject to change in June, and will be verified at time of booking.  The first departure does not currently connect off the overnight train arriving from Bergen, but it usually does in the summer months.
    • To Copenhagen.  Depart Oslo 7a or 1p, with 1 connection (trip time is 7.5 hours).
      Trains to Copenhagen stop at the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport on the way into town.
      Even the first departure safely connects off the overnight train arriving from Bergen.
    • To Berlin:  depart Oslo at 7a, arrive Berlin 10:30p. 
    • To points south.  Sleeper trains run from Hamburg south to the rest of Europe, connecting with the morning train from Oslo.  Following morning arrivals are available in most of Germany, Paris, Prague, Austria and Switzerland.  Further connections to Italy, Spain, etc., are available for midday or early afternoon arrivals.

    5.  Suggested POST-TRIP VISITS

    Apart from our Bergen package, Oslo.  Worth at least a day, and you can enjoy a longer visit.  And we love Copenhagen, if you didn’t come from there....

    6.  Hints on TRAVELLING INDEPENDENTLY After the Trip
    Guests subscribing to an “Access Package” need not read this section.

    See also “Timing Your Trip” and “Service Information,” above, as either of these may additionally help.

    We gladly provide travel consulting (schedule or routing information) concerning post-trip individual travel. In particular, we have invested a great deal to become railway experts. Our service fees are reasonable:  a 20€ charge for all but the most complex projects – or the most simple (for instance, only a 10€ charge applies if the service is limited to the preparation of a routine rail ticket).  You will generally find them well-justified by the time they will save you in research, standing on line, overpaying for your tickets, or all three.

    But, for some, this type of research is fun.  So, here are some hints, intended to start off hardened “do-it-yourselfers.”

    Trains.  Schedules for all routes can be consulted on this web site:

    Bergen offers trains to and from Oslo, and nowhere else.

    Boats run up and down the coast, or to northern Denmark (the boat to northern Denmark operates on Mondays, so you would have to spend the night in Bergen to catch it).

    Planes.  Bergen has a small airport, with essentially Scandinavian flights, though there are a few intra-European services.
    Ryanair serves a bizarre airport in Haugesund, a small town in the middle of nowhere, a few hours by bus from Bergen.  More work than it is generally worth.

    Oslo Gardermoen is the nearest intercontinental airport, with limited intercontinental service.  It will most often be necessary to make a connection within Europe if flying to another continent.

    Some low cost airlines serve little airports75 minutes from Oslo by bus (“Torp”, a.k.a. “Sandefjord”, and Moss / Rygge).  The night train from Bergen actually passes close by Torp, and can drop you off there were you trying to catch an early flight (you could be at a check-in counter by about 7:30a).

    If you wish to arrange some or all of your travel through us, please tell us what by means of this response questionnaire, designed to collect all the information we need to be able to book your travel.

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